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Omar Navarro Arrested For Extortion, Stalking, Criminal Threats of GOP Congressional Candidate

We are sad to report that congressional candidate Omar Navarro was arrested late last night in San Fransicso on extortion, stalking, mak...

We are sad to report that congressional candidate Omar Navarro was arrested late last night in San Fransicso on extortion, stalking, making criminal threats, and disobeying a court issued domestic relations order preventing him from further contact with Pelosi challenger DeAnna Lorraine. Allegedly after attending a San Francisco Republican Christmas party, she came back to her new apartment in San Francisco to find Navarro outside stalking and threatening her, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. 

The MAGA and America First movement is constantly under attack from the media and deranged Democrats. The last thing we need is behavior like this from our candidates. Mainstream media outlets will surely use this to smear President Trump and the movement as a whole. Several conservatives supported Omar Navarro, but this latest news demonstrates that he is no longer an effective messenger for the GOP or President Trump.
Mr. Navarro is currently being held on a $75,000 bond in the San Fransisco County jail and is facing multiple felony counts.
DeAnna Lorraine’s campaign gave the following statement exclusively to The Gateway Pundit.
“I have pleaded with Omar and tried everything to get him to stop, including calling his lawyers and family members and he will just not stop harassing and surveilling me through different mediums and aliases. I am very concerned for my safety and the safety of others,” Lorraine said.
Over the past few months Navarro has been cyberstalking Lorraine and continuing to harass her through electronic means. Lorraine’s campaign has also alleged that Navarro has secretly recorded her and her friends during private moments. He has even offered her tens of thousands of dollars to marry him and to ask the judge to remove the court order preventing him from contacting her for five years, which is the maximum amount of time the court can order individuals to refrain from interacting with a former domestic partner.
From Lorraine’s campaign release.

-Navarro found out the address of Lorraine’s new residence in San Francisco and has been posting nude pictures along with her address, urging strangers to show up and harass her.
-He also claimed to have given her address to local ANTIFA members and encouraged them to show up.
-Throughout the last few days he has threatened her with “Destroying” her, getting her evicted from her new apartment, publishing more nude photos, and even stealing her cat and kidnapping her 89-year old grandmother, unless she agreed to see him.
-He has even offered to pay her $25,000-plus if she will marry him.
-He has told her many times that has paid, and will continue to pay, thousands of dollars to private detectives to follow her around places, and thousands of dollars to professional “trolls” to harass her, defame her and otherwise “make her life hell.” He brags about having hundreds of thousands of dollars in his personal bank accounts from campaign donor money that he wants to use on her.
After attending a San Francisco Republican Christmas party, she came back to the apartment she’s renting and her phone kept going off. While she was upstairs in her apartment at around 3am, he called her 10 times and told her he had flown up to San Francisco and was outside her apartment.
She looked outside her window and he was indeed downstairs, lurking in the shadows wearing a black hoodie. She called 911 and they retrieved his Restraining Order. They arrived 5 minutes later and arrested him, and booked him into the San Francisco Jail. DeAnna sent the officers only a small sample of the threats and messages he had been sending her in the last 48 hours.
They found the threats, stalking, harassment and sexual extortion so severe that they are charging him with not only a misdemeanor for violating the Restraining Order, but also 3 different felonies: Felony Stalking, and Felony Criminal Threats, Felony Extortion
While we understand this is far from over, we appreciate and want to thank all of the officers at the San Francisco police department for their quick work apprehending this dangerously unstable individual.” said Lorraine’s campaign team.
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