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Crazed Democrat Invokes Communist Vietnam to Announce She Will Vote to Impeach Trump

In what has to be one of the most tone-def statements about voting to impeach President Trump, Florida Democrat Stephanie Murphy invoked e...

In what has to be one of the most tone-def statements about voting to impeach President Trump, Florida Democrat Stephanie Murphy invoked escaping Communist Communist Vietnam as a reason motivating her to finally embrace impeachment. Murphy leads the so-called “moderate” House Blue Dogs Caucus.  
Yes, you read that correctly. Someone who escaped show trials and politically motivated persecutions in Communist Vietnam… is claiming that her family’s journey to America away from show trials and politically motivated persecutions is what grounds her decision to vote for impeachment.  

Because Communist Vietnam is so well known for its freedoms of speech and fair court system. Maybe Congresswoman Murphy had a Freudian slip. Does she mean that our judicial and political system has become so abused and diluted that it reminds her of her former homeland?
You know… the one where people are imprisoned / killed / tortured for challenging the established order? Maybe she envisions a similar punishment for President Donald J. Trump and his allies?
According to her own tweets and an article from Florida Politics, Saigon Stephanie Murphy doubles down on this ludicrous and utterly laughable reasoning by referencing her time working within the “Deep State” as another important life moment solidifying her decision to participate in the treasonous coup efforts by the deranged Democrats.
She also talked about her experience as a Defense Department analyst and how she came to recognize and admire the civil servants who were “mission driven … and we were patriots, not partisans. We were focused on working together to achieve the goal of keeping the United States safe. And more specifically my work at the Pentagon actually related to providing military assistance to our allies across the world. So I know how military assistance is supposed to be used, toward national security goals. Not toward personal, political gain,” she said.
Never mind the fact that almost every witness called to testify was exposed for extreme partisanship or the inconvenient truth that the investigators involved in the Mueller investigation and other persecutions were found to be Clinton loving / Trump hating partisan apparatchiks.
As the impeachment vote looms within the next 24 hours, the American people must stand up and speak out.

Otherwise we might as well enlist nuts like Stephanie Murphy in reforming America in the image of her homeland.
We already have politically motivated persecution and show trials. It’s not a large leap to mob rule for engaging in “thought crimes” against people like Murphy. 

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