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“We Did It!” – Cop-Hating Socialist and Son of Weather Underground Terrorists Chesa Boudin Celebrates His Victory in San Francisco DA Race

Cop-hating socialist Chesa Boudin won his District Attorney race in San Francisco on Saturday.   San Francisco. We did it. pic.twitter....

Cop-hating socialist Chesa Boudin won his District Attorney race in San Francisco on Saturday.  
Chesa Boudin was brought up by terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn after his parents were sent to prison for terrorism.
Chesa was the communist Working Families Party choice for DA.

Boudin ran on a platform of closing jails.
The Huffington Post cheered the news.
Progressive candidate Chesa Boudin won the race for district attorney in San Francisco on Saturday.
Boudin and opponent Suzy Loftus were neck-and-neck for days as officials tallied votes from the city’s ranked-choice ballots.
Boudin, 39, is a public defender who ran on a platform of closing jails, eliminating cash bail, combating racism in the criminal justice system and diverting people from jails and prisons.
Loftus, the interim district attorney, congratulated Boudin on his win Saturday afternoon and vowed a “smooth and immediate transition.” …
…Boudin was 14 months old when his parents, then members of the radical leftist group the Weather Underground, were jailed for driving the getaway car for an infamous 1981 armed robbery in New York in which two police officers and a security guard were killed.
His father is still in New York state prison serving a 75-years-to-life sentence and his mother, who was paroled in 2003, now runs a criminal justice initiative at Columbia University.
“I think it’s imperative people who make the decisions about who should be sent to prison, for what, for how long … have an understanding of that experience,” Boudin said in August, of growing up with incarcerated parents.
His mother was jailed for being a terrorist and now she runs a program at Columbia University.
Of course she is.
At an earlier rally his supporters were chanting “F**k POA!”
POA is the Police Officers Association. 

Michelle Malkin wrote about Chesa Boudin last week.

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