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STUNNING: Honest Far left Democrat Writes Op-ed Urging Speaker Pelosi to Stop the Corrupt and Unfounded Schiff Show

Far left NeverTrumper writes oped urging Pelosi to stop the impeachment sham. Even Democrats see it’s a mess and a loser. FOX News far...

Far left NeverTrumper writes oped urging Pelosi to stop the impeachment sham.
Even Democrats see it’s a mess and a loser.

FOX News far left contributor Cathy Areu wrote a brutally honest piece this weekend directed at the unhinged Democrat Speaker of the House:
Areu wrote:
I am not sure if you remember me, or our conversations, but they were great. And we can catch up later.
Right now it’s very important for me to beg for you to sway your fellow Democrats and jump off the “Let’s Impeach President Trump” bandwagon.
It’s just not in the best interest of the Democratic Party or our entire country, actually.
There was a Monmouth poll that came out last week that found that “while there is growing public support for an inquiry, the public is not very confident with the process to date. Just 24% say they have a lot of trust in how the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted so far, 29% have a little trust, and 44% have no trust at all.” That’s very concerning.
In this letter to a friend, if I may call you that, I don’t want to just quote Monmouth polls, however because polls can sometimes be inaccurate. But this one doesn’t appear that way. That’s because another poll, just this year, found that trust in the United States government is an all-time low. Pew found that “only 17% of Americans today say they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (3%) or “most of the time” (14%).”
I trust you, and so many other public servants, because I’ve met you, one on one. I have felt your passion. Your dedication to doing the right thing. And I know you love our country and want to make our future better for everyone. But Madam Speaker, numbers and so many people protesting on the streets, don’t lie.
So, given all of these mixed emotions and anger toward the government, my sources, who have served in the last three administrations and other government positions believe that the Democrats are taking a really big gamble here with this impeachment process.
Areu closed her oped with this:
And, at the end of these impeachment inquiry hearings, you know the real questions that are going to remain. They boil down to these two: One: is the president guilty of what he is being charged of? Two, is this matter serious enough to remove a sitting president?
If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” then the Democrats gambled big, overreached bigger, and may lose it all in 2020.
As a moderate Democrat, this all worries me. It keeps me up at night. Like it did just last night.
Watch a video of Areu discussing her oped here.

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