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OUTRAGEOUS! RNC Leaders, Senate and House GOP Leaders Go AWOL as Dems Attempt Another Coup of President Trump

Where are the AWOL GOP Leaders? I spent time with groups of friends recently watching World Series, NFL games, etc. Those moderately ...

Where are the AWOL GOP Leaders?
I spent time with groups of friends recently watching World Series, NFL games, etc. Those moderately informed Americans on politics are PISSED OFF, I mean really pissed off… They’re seeing content from the right blocked & removed. They see mostly honorable or outspoken conservatives get investigated, media attacked, even arrested for frivolous infractions via politics. But actual criminals on the left just get long drawn out reports, or hearings, recommendations, and maybe a demotion (maybe). Many are upset the GOP leadership seems silent on impeachment help. They think the left media is winning big time, and I agree.

It’s true!… Except for two people, The GOP has ZERO content, nothing to correct the narrative about impeachment.
They’re not even trying to help out. They have absolutely no offense.

Here’s search results for videos on Google and Youtube for the last 2 weeks.

Ronna McDaniel (RNC chair) – 2 FOX News interviews, one just about fundraising. Nothing on Youtube.
Thomas Hicks Jr. (Co-chair) – Nothing anywhere, ever. This guy is a ghost.
Ron Kaufman (Treasurer) – Nothing on Youtube, or anywhere.
Vicki Drummond (Secretary) – Nothing on Youtube, or anywhere.
Doyle Webb (General Counsel) – Nothing on Youtube, or anywhere.
Congressional Leaders:
Monotone Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) – 3 public comments, 2 w/press, one on Senate floor, total 5-6 minutes. No interviews.
John Thune (Senate whip) – One interview, mostly economy. A 30 second audio, “The picture coming out is not good for Trump”.
Roy Blunt (Senate Conference Vice Chair) – One with press gaggle at Senate, 90 seconds. Condemned Lt. Col. Vindman attacks.
Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham: Several interviews, refuses to hold senate committee hearings.
Kevin McCarthy (House leader) – Many, doing OK.
Steve Scalise (House whip) – Several, he’s not an issue, but could do more.
Liz Cheney (House Conference Chair) – One with House press gaggle. Condemned attacks on Col. Vindman.
Gary Palmer (House Policy Chair) – One radio interview on Youtube, locall Birmingham station, mostly about Tiger Woods comeback.
Freedom Caucus Members: Mark Meadows, Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Scott Perry, Louis Gohmert, Paul Gosar, etc have been exceptional as usual. Rep. Devin Nunes has been exceptional as usual.

The rest of the GOP is AWOL.
They need to get off their asses and defend this president!
If they fail the Trump voters WILL NEVER forgive them.

Out of the entire RNC video archive, only ONE video was even created in 2019, a measly 5,000 views about the economy. Their home page has just two tiny mentions of impeachment, if you can find them. And get this, their listed email to schedule an interview with an RNC official ( returns as a bounced message – “recipient’s email isn’t in the domain’s directory”. There’s simply no way for a patriot to get up to speed, or obtain useful banter against this impeachment debacle, from the RNC site.

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