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DeSantis On Terror Attacks In Israel: Hamas Is Iran’s ‘Tool’ To Wage Terror Against Israel

  Florida Governor   Ron DeSantis   said during an interview over the weekend that the Hamas terrorist organization was Iran’s “tool” for ca...

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during an interview over the weekend that the Hamas terrorist organization was Iran’s “tool” for carrying out terrorist attacks against Israel.

The remarks come after the Palestinian terrorists murdered 700+ Israelis over the weekend is a massive rocket attack followed by widespread shootings throughout Israel.

The Republican presidential candidate said the first thing that needed to happen was making sure Israel knows that the United States stands behind it as they exercise “overwhelming force” against the terrorists.

“Part of the reason we’re in this situation is because in past iterations of attacks, which admittedly, were not at this level, Israel would respond, but then there’d immediately be a lot of pressure for Israel to stand down,” he said. “Israel would even start getting blamed. And so they never really uprooted the terror networks of Hamas, and even Hezbollah, like they probably should have.”

DeSantis also shed light on one of the most horrifying aspects of the Palestinian terrorist attacks that has gotten little attention in the media.

“You had terrorists storming residential communities, armed with machine guns, taking people hostage. I’ve never seen some of the horrors,” he said. “They would actually kill somebody, film it, and then upload it to that person’s social media, so then the family is seeing their loved one killed because of what they’re doing.”

DeSantis said Israel understands that by far the top threat in the region is Iran and that Hamas was ultimately a “tool” or an “instrument” for the Iranians to conduct terrorism against Israel.



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