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Trump’s Georgia Trial Will Be Televised, Judge Rules

  A judge in Georgia ruled on Thursday that former President   Donald Trump’s   trial in Fulton County will be viewable to the public. Judge...

 A judge in Georgia ruled on Thursday that former President Donald Trump’s trial in Fulton County will be viewable to the public.

Judge Scott McAfee of the Superior Court of Fulton County said that use of electronics “will not disrupt the administration of justice” and that “all parties and spectators are allowed to use recording devices.”

The Fulton County Courts’ YouTube Channel will stream the trails of Trump and the other 18 co-defendants live.

The news comes after Trump pled not guilty on Thursday to the 13 felony charges he faces over his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The 77-year-old former president also waived his right to appear at his arraignment next week, according to court filings.

“Understanding my rights, I do hereby freely and voluntarily waive my right to be present at my arraignment on the Indictment and my right to have it read to me in open court,” Trump said in the filing. “As evidenced by my signature below, I do hereby waive formal arraignment and enter my plea of NOT GUILTY to the Indictment in this case.”

Trump also moved to sever the case against him from any co-defendants who “have demanded a speedy trial,” a separate court filing said.

The filing said it “would violate President Trump’s federal and state constitutional rights to a fair trial and due process of law.”

Trump was charged in a 41-count indictment along with 18 other co-defendants earlier this month. The former president faces 13 charges, including three counts of Solicitation of Violation of Oath by Public Officer, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit False Statements and Writings, two counts of False Statements and Writings, Violation of the Georgia RICO Act, Conspiracy to Commit Impersonating a Public Officer, Conspiracy to Commit Filing False Documents, and Filing False Documents.


The 18 others charged by Fulton County include: Rudy Giuliani, lawyer; Ray Smith III, lawyer; Cathy Latham, alleged fake elector; Robert Cheeley, lawyer; John Eastman, lawyer; David Shafer, alleged fake elector; Shawn Still, alleged fake elector; Sidney Powell, lawyer; Kenneth Chesebro, lawyer; Michael Roman, Trump campaign staffer; Misty Hampton, Coffee County elections supervisor; Scott Hall, Bail Bondsman; Stephen Lee, Pastor; Trevian Kutti, Publicist; Willie Lewis Floyd III, former leader of “Black Voices for Trump”; Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff; Jeffrey Clark, former DOJ official; and Jenna Ellis, lawyer.

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