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ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt FUMES over suggestion that pro-censorship group was “shaking down” Elon Musk for money: “I don’t believe in cancel culture”

  X's Elon Musk tweeted an article this week from  Newsweek  stating that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has "lost its way."...

 X's Elon Musk tweeted an article this week from Newsweek stating that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has "lost its way." And this prompted ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt to lash out in defense.

The Newsweek piece highlights the ADL's push for more censorship on the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, as well as Musk's rejection of the pro-Jewish group's censorship advances.

The op-ed so upset Greenblatt that he fired back during an appearance on CNBC that Musk is guilty of "antisemitism," as well as of promoting "hardened anti-Semites" on X.

After previously claiming that he supports free speech, Greenblatt also seemed to walk back that sentiment while speaking on CNBC.

"Let's be clear here: this is the wealthiest man in the world running one of the most powerful media platforms on the planet," Greenblatt stated about Musk and X.

"And we're a non-profit here in New York, so I think figuring out who has the power in this relationship ... is pretty clear to me."


Greenblatt: Twitter (now X) is "amplifying or intensifying anti-Jewish hate"

When asked point-blank by host Andrew Ross Sorkin whether he had ever sought to "have some kind of either role at Twitter or any kind of donations made or other things," Greenblatt responded with a resounding "no."

"I only say that because there have been folks who've looked at these situations and felt they were being shaken down," Sorkin then responded, implying that Greenblatt and his buddies may have tried to shake down Musk in a bid for more censorship on X.

"Look, I think, let me be honest about that. I think it is [a] sort of anti-Semitic trope to suggest when Jewish people express a degree of outrage over antisemitism, that somehow that's a shakedown because Jews are greedy. That sounds to me … I'm not saying you believe that," Greenblatt shot back in a threatening tone.

"I'm Jewish, so I'm not even trying to ...," Sorkin quickly responded. "I'm just saying that, that occasionally you hear the critique among not-for-profits in certain cases that are involved in certain causes that talk to companies and you hear it from leaders who say, 'I feel like ..."

Before Sorkin could even finish his thought, Greenblatt was already spouting another pack of lies about how he supposedly does not believe in "cancel culture," and certainly would not be trying to censor people online.

"I don't believe in cancel culture; I believe in counsel culture," Greenblatt said. "What we've tried to do over the years with Twitter, with YouTube, with Facebook and all of its platforms, with Reddit, with Discord, I can go on and on, is to work with them to make those platforms better."

This is a bald-faced lie, of course, as it has already been shown with video evidence that the ADL is actively involved with, and is even spearheading, the Censorship Industrial Complex that has cropped up all around us over the past decade or so.

Greenblatt would then go on to continue blasting Musk for his alleged antisemitism, claiming that "Jewish people are vulnerable" online. He further accused X of "amplifying or intensifying anti-Jewish hate" – watch the full interview below:

"No wonder Elon Musk's father is concerned about Elon being assassinated," one commenter noted. "Elon is venturing into forbidden territory."

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