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Island police announce launch of arson investigation: “Climate change” propagandist may have started fires in Hawaii

  In hot jungles, a simple brush fire can turn into an uncontrollable massive wildfire across an entire state or region within hours. As of ...

 In hot jungles, a simple brush fire can turn into an uncontrollable massive wildfire across an entire state or region within hours. As of late, many wildfires have been suspected to have begun as a brushfire that was lit on purpose, meaning arson. And that may be the case with the latest brushfires in Ka?? in Naalehu and Pahala, in Hawaii. Hawaii Island detectives suspect the fire was intentionally set after they found an incendiary device on the roadway where the first fire started.

Luckily, the Hawaii Fire Department was able to neutralize the two separate brushfires early on, thanks to a 911 call about the origins of the first one on Mill Camp Road in Pahala. Both fires were burning in the same area and were extinguished quickly by fire personnel.

Male operating a green ATV seen departing brushfire area right after the fires started

Is this another climate change hoax feeder story? Is George Soros behind this? Investigators are looking into suspicions of arson in the latest Hawaii brushfires that started out of the blue this past week in the area of Mill Camp Road. A male who was driving away from the fires on a green all-terrain vehicle was spotted, and this could be the explanation for the fires in the North and South Kohala districts, according to police.

Many Americans and Canadians believe that the string of massive wildfires in Canada this summer were started on purpose by pro-climate-change fanatics to further push their agenda of controlling the populace, wrecking the economy and pushing people towards and into the big cities.

The Climate Change Death Cult sets fires around the globe to try to prove their lies are real

The Climate Change Cult is the most fanatical cult on the planet. They are now planning to create giant CO2 vacuums to suck the life force out of our environment, so that there will be no more plants, animals, or humans to "ruin" the climate. It's not just a mental disorder, but a demonic attempt to ruin life on earth, and arsonists are part of the fulcrum for pretending global warming is real. These are not controlled burns either, just insane cultists who love money, control and death.

Even the wildfires in Greece this year were set by arsonists who want everyone to fear climate change and give up all their money, rights and land to the greedy overlords. In fact, the vast majority of over 660 wildfires that decimated the nation of Greece were lit by human hands, and had absolutely NOTHING to do with global warming, which the cult had to change the name to "climate change" since all the weather and climate data disproved their whole stance.

American climate fanatics want to blame gas, cow farts and meat eaters for climate crises, meanwhile China and India are polluting the world TEN times as much and faster than America could do in 2 centuries, so there's that. 

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