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Canadian In Severe Pain After Trans Surgery, Asks Government To Be Euthanized. Gets Rejected.

  A self-described “transsexual” male who had surgery in 2009 to invert his penis into an imitation vagina has experienced such constant pai...

 A self-described “transsexual” male who had surgery in 2009 to invert his penis into an imitation vagina has experienced such constant pain that he asked Canada’s MAID (medical assistance in dying) program for permission to be euthanized — and was rejected.

Lois Cardinal, 35, who describes himself as a “sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual,” petitioned the MAID program, with his doctor writing that his problem was “pain/anxiety related to neo-vagina for gender affirmation.”

The doctor then referred Cardinal to another doctor, who wrote, “Based on current clinical information and consultations [the patient] does not meet current MAiD criteria,” adding, “Can be reassessed in future if change in clinical status.”

“Canadian law doesn’t require those who want to be killed to access such care, Wesley J. Smith noted at National Review. “To the contrary, ‘irremediable suffering’ is based on the patient’s perspective, not the unavailability of palliative or treatment interventions.”

“I’m in constant discomfort and pain,” Cardinal informed The Daily Mail. “It’s taking this psychological burden on me. If I’m not able to access proper medical care, I don’t want to continue to do this.”

“I’m not getting any better and nor am I experiencing better medical care, or any medical care,” Cardinal added. “It’s so captured by gender ideologies, that they care more about my pronouns.”

“I call on ALL levels of governments and offices to reconsider their stance on ‘gender affirming care,” Cardinal tweeted.

Cardinal was asked online, “What the hell ever made you think that you could EVER be a woman?” Cardinal answered, “I needed to alleviate my dysphoria and mental disorder. We must collectively protect the children!”

Cardinal also called out Jennifer Charlesworth, British Columbia’s Representative for Children and Youth, writing, “I am calling on Jennifer Charlesworth and her office to acknowledge the Truth & Reconciliation Calls To Action 56. Do no harm upon any indigenous child or youth. Gender affirming care is coerced or forced sterilization. Stop the genocide and resign.”

“I do not agree with the current rhetoric of the trans community,” Cardinal has stated. “A lot of the so-called trans hate is fuelled by the trans community because we aren’t allowed to have honest and tough conversations.”

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