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Ron DeSantis On The U.S. Border: Will Shut It Down, Build A Wall, End Mass Migration

  Florida Governor   Ron DeSantis   said during a campaign stop in Iowa over the weekend that as President of the United States, he will shu...

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during a campaign stop in Iowa over the weekend that as President of the United States, he will shut down the southern border.

DeSantis made the remarks during Sen. Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) annual “Roast and Ride” event, where candidates get a chance to meet with voters who are very politically engaged and who participate in the state’s GOP presidential caucus.

All the major Republican presidential candidates attended the event except former President Donald Trump.

While speaking with voters, DeSantis addressed a variety of key issues that are important to Republican voters, including border security, the U.S. military, and wokeness.

“I’ve heard, as a Republican, talk about this southern border for years and years and years,” DeSantis said. “I will finally be the president to bring this issue to a conclusion. We will shut the border down.”

“We will build a border wall. We will end mass migration into this country,” DeSantis continued. “And we will hold the Mexican drug cartels accountable for the carnage they have unleashed on the American people.”

DeSantis also addressed the issue of wokeness in the U.S. military, saying that if he becomes president, the military will go back to basics on his first day in office.

“I’m proud to have served in the United States Navy and done a tour in Iraq and the people I serve with were honorable, patriotic people,” DeSantis said. “For you veterans in the crowd, thank you for your service. I think all of us have a sense of pride and being able to wear the cloth of your country.”


“But we’ve seen the military become politicized in recent years. You see woke agenda being imposed on it,” he continued. “On day one as commander-in-chief, I rip it all out. We’re getting the military back to basics. We’re going to improve morale, and we’re going to get people to want to join the military again.”

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