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Republican Gov. Lombardo of Nevada signs bill requiring insurance companies to pay for “child sex changes”

  After 20 states and counting passed legislation to prohibit the transgender mutilation of children, Nevada, under the leadership of  Repub...

 After 20 states and counting passed legislation to prohibit the transgender mutilation of children, Nevada, under the leadership of Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo, just passed a law requiring insurance companies to pay for minors to get sex changes.

As long as the body butchery is "recommended by a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional," as well as by a physician, children in Nevada are now allowed to get their genitals sliced and their hormones wrecked for free, all thanks to Lombardo.

Massive conservative outcry over Lombardo's decision to sign the legislation prompted him to issue a statement claiming that its provisions are somehow not as ghastly as they truly are.

"I implore people to read the bill in its entirety," Lombardo told a reporter about the matter. "And you will see it's not as draconian or detrimental or immoral as people are portraying it to be."

Democratic state Sen. Melanie Scheible, conversely, was overjoyed by Lombardo signing the bill, suggesting that this is a major win for the LGBT lobby and its quest to mutilate as many children as it can get its hands on.

"At a time when states across the country are passing draconian laws to restrict trans and nonbinary people's right to exist, Nevada is doing the opposite," Scheible announced proudly.


Nevada may not be a "sanctuary" state for the transgender mutilation of children, but it is certainly moving in that direction

Lombardo did stop short, however, in allowing Nevada to become a "sanctuary" state for the transgender mutilation of children, which is what California, New York, and Vermont have done.

Senate Bill 302, which Lombardo vetoed earlier this month, would have prevented medical providers throughout the state from losing their licenses for providing so-called "gender-affirming care" to children. It also would have prohibited Lombardo's office from aiding in out-of-state prosecutions for violations of their laws concerning transgender mutilation.

In explaining why he decided to veto SB 302, Lombardo said that its passage would have barred him from having "the ability to be certain that all gender-affirming care related to minors comports with state law."

"It also decreases the Executive Branch's authority to ensure the highest public health and child safety standards for Nevadans," he added.

In addition to signing the bill requiring insurance companies to pay for the transgender mutilation of children, Lombardo also signed another bill that requires the state's Department of Corrections to develop new regulations for how to house transgender criminal inmates, as well as how to provide medical and mental health care for them during their stay in prison.

"Unfortunately Nevada's 'GOP' Governor is becoming a laughingstock across the nation," tweeted Nevada Republican National Committee (RNC) committeewoman Sigal Chattah.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, founder of the Center for American Liberty, also chimed in on the matter by suggesting that the reason why Lombardo agreed to sign these pro-trans mutilation bills is because he needed a bargaining chip to get the Nevada legislature to agree to "give him a Las Vegas Stadium for the Oakland As."

"These people are simply now publicly showing the depravity that they have always been showing in private," wrote one disgusted commenter about this new wave of politicians that supports destroying children's bodies and lives for profit.

"This present evil government is so corrupt, so un-American, and so unconstitutional that it cannot be fixed or corrected until the entire government, including federal, state, and local, is removed from public office completely," wrote another.

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