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Local Virginia Leftist Candidate Bloodily Pummeled, But Wants Restorative Justice — Not Jail — For Attacker

  Liberalism is a mental disorder, or so the saying goes. That expression appears to be proven correct every single day. For example, take t...

 Liberalism is a mental disorder, or so the saying goes. That expression appears to be proven correct every single day. For example, take the latest story out of Arlington, Virginia, as evidence that some leftists have become so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.

Over Memorial Day Weekend,  Adam Theo, a candidate for the Arlington County Board and a social justice activist, tweeted that he was horribly beaten up and bloodied to a pulp after he intervened in what appeared to be a couple fighting. The male suspect brutally attacked him before dragging a female companion off into the darkness, Theo said.

Photos posted online show that Theo was left with two bruised eyes and a giant slash on his neck. He suffered senseless injuries no innocent person should be put through — especially not somebody trying to break up a fight.

“I lost count after punch no. 6. His GF pulled him back long enough for me to stumble away, but not far enough as he broke away from her and went for another series of blows. About 15 in total I think?” he said. “Samaritans came to aid and called 911, with the guy dragging the woman away screaming. Last I heard while sitting in Virginia Hospital Center he’d not yet been caught.”

It’s an awful attack. You would think anybody who experienced something like that would want the maniac behind it in jail.

Not Theo. Theo wants to see his assailant go to a diversion program and be placed in restorative justice.

“Assuming @ArlingtonVaPD catches him, I want to persue #RestorativeJustice,” he tweeted from his now locked Twitter account. “I want programs to deal with such anger & possibly substance abuse. Jail doesn’t fix people — it just releases problems back out into society even worse than when they went in.”

Restorative justice programs have been tried in the most liberal of cities. For example, in Los Angeles, District Attorney George Gascon believes in restorative justice. One of the criminals placed in Gascon’s soft-on-crime program was recently arrested for allegedly murdering his neighbor. He evaded jail time after slashing somebody in the neck.

Sounds pretty similar to the man who allegedly attacked Theo. Nonetheless, the Leftist wants criminals to avoid jail time — even if it means putting people a future risk.

To be clear, nobody is mocking Theo for this horrendous assault. But, how can a political philosophy be taken seriously when promoters of said ideology get beaten to a pulp in the street and still think the man who did it shouldn’t be behind bars — because that’s what their philosophy dictates?

On Monday evening, Theo was going to get some ramen and sushi. Sometime after that, he updated his Twitter bio to say, “Temporarily locked to fend off right-winger trolls flooding my TL with racist slurs & attacking friends.”

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