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‘A Slap In The Face To Actual Women’: Piers Morgan Unloads On Trans Marketing Trend

  Fox Nation host Piers Morgan responded on Monday to his Friday appearance – alongside Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) — on comedian Bill Maher’s ...

 Fox Nation host Piers Morgan responded on Monday to his Friday appearance – alongside Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) — on comedian Bill Maher’s show, saying that he believed “the worm has turned” on companies bowing to the transgender community in their advertising.

Morgan delivered an op-ed in The New York Post on the subject, noting in part that he had been surprised to see Maher’s liberal audience responding positively to his comments suggesting that some trans-identifying activists — specifically TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney — were making a mockery of biological women.

Explaining that he found Mulvaney’s partnership with sportswear brand Nike far more problematic than the now-infamous Bud Light cans, Morgan argued that the TikTok star’s intentionally-exaggerated “prancing” made a mockery of women.

“I said that for someone who identified as a gay man until last year to be sporting a women’s sports bra, despite having no breasts, as ‘they’ pranced around like a clueless non-athlete, mimicking how a misogynist would scornfully depict a woman doing sport, struck me as a slap in the face to actual women,” Morgan wrote. “And to my surprise, given how liberal Maher’s audience tends to be, my comments were met with loud applause.”

Morgan said that Porter had attempted to push back – but that the audience had again applauded him when he observed, “Nobody’s questioning trans rights to fairness and equality, what I would question is where trans rights to fairness and equality begin to erode or even destroy, as we’re seeing in women’s sport, the rights of women to fairness and equality.”

Porter had tried again, stating that she “disagreed” with former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines — who has recently become a target of the trans community for objecting to trans-identifying biological males competing against women in sports.


“What do you disagree with, out of interest? What is it she’s said that’s actually wrong?” Morgan asked.

Porter said that Gaines was only speaking up to “get likes” on social media – but Morgan objected, saying that she had been standing up for fairness and equality for women in sports.

“Riley is speaking up for herself. And that is her prerogative and I respect her free speech,” Porter replied.

“I think she’s speaking up for pretty much every female athlete in the world,” Morgan said, prompting applause.

In his op-ed, Morgan reflected on the exchange, saying, “It felt like a moment of reckoning, when an insane ideology hits the buffers of basic common sense, and the public knows it.”

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