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‘Sh***y Format’: Joe Rogan And Louis C.K. Slam Corporate Media

  Joe Rogan slammed legacy media for its “sh***y format” and said “it’s way less popular” than it’s ever been in history, naming CNN and eve...

 Joe Rogan slammed legacy media for its “sh***y format” and said “it’s way less popular” than it’s ever been in history, naming CNN and evening news.

During Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Saturday, the podcast host was speaking with comedian Louis C.K. about the media’s coverage of gruesome stories like the school shooting at Sandy Hook and 9-11, as the two agreed the media has always done this, calling it “obscene.”

“It’s messed up. It’s obscene and it’s normal. And that’s what they operate under. That’s their currency,” Rogan replied, noting that with the media “there’s a diffusion of responsibility when you work for a large corporation.”


“It’s a job that has to get done,” he added, noting the media’s response.

C.K. recalled being in the Fox News studio once, sitting in the control room when President Barack Obama was “making a speech” and he claimed no one was listening to the speech on any of the cameras in the room, yet commented on it afterward.

He said it happens at MSNBC and CNN too, “they’re not thinking about anything. They already know their reaction and they gotta come in with it really quick” because it’s got to get in people’s phones before another news outlet. “It’s entertainment.”

Rogan agreed and said it’s “entertainment disguised as news for minimally engaged, casual viewers.”

“Because it’s not really people that are completely locked in for the most part,” the host explained. “Most people are just flipping through the channels and you know something outrageous … [hearing a reporter criticizing someone as bad for America.] But if you don’t say that they aren’t going to pay attention.”

“Then they [corporate media] is going to lose out on that Pfizer dollars that’s going to come through in the ad break,” he added. Because of the format, it’s just a trick to get you to watch a commercial for Colgate.

Rogan told his guest that corporate media “is way less popular than it’s ever been in human history. Like in the history of news, the evening news, CNN, those things, are less popular than they have ever been.”

“And it’s because people are tired of it,” the podcast host shared. “It’s a sh***y format and in comparison to long-form discussions, independent interview shows … podcasts where people have nuanced perspectives. If you really want to understand what’s going on in the world, complicated issues, invasion of Ukraine by Russia, you need people to break it down to you. They aren’t going to get it in five minutes.”

“You are going to get ‘they hate us for our freedom,” he added. “That’s what you are going to get in five minutes. You are going to get nonsense talking points.”

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