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McCarthy, McConnell Beware: Poll Shows Dead Canary In The Establishment GOP’s Coal Mine

  While the media lights itself on fire with the debate over Trump or DeSantis, Americans take sides in the real war inside the GOP. Establi...

 While the media lights itself on fire with the debate over Trump or DeSantis, Americans take sides in the real war inside the GOP.

Establishment Republicans and the New Right are battling it out for control over the Republican party’s political machine, including vital election war chests, donor lists, and grassroots operatives – not to mention the ability to set important policy decisions.

After releasing the latest poll commissioned by The Economist and YouGov, the media went crazy for the headline that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was polling higher than former President Donald Trump among Republican voters. But very little attention was given to the terrible polling results current party leaders, Republican Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and Republican California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, received from voters.

As the head of the GOP in their respective Congressional Chambers, McConnell and McCarthy are essential figures among establishment Republicans. Still, their favorability and job approvals with GOP voters should worry the two leaders that their ability to protect the status quo is ending.  

The first sign that the base is moving toward the New Right becomes apparent after seeing how the base viewed McConnell and McCarthy. Less than half of Republican voters, 46%, gave McCarthy a favorable rating, and even less, 32%, said the same about McConnell.

Comparatively, Trump, who launched his 2024 Presidential campaign on Nov. 15, received a 77% approval rating among the same Republican voters, with recently re-elected DeSantis garnering 74% approval from the base.

Outside of favorability, McConnell’s dismal job approval rating is the second sign Republican leaders aren’t connecting with voters. Only 6% say they strongly approve of McConnell’s job in the U.S. Senate, with 22% saying they somewhat approve of his job performance, the polling showed. When GOP voters were asked if McCarthy should remain the U.S. House GOP leader, 37% said Republicans should stay with McCarthy, 35% said they weren’t sure, and 15% said it’s time for a change.

As the final tallies for midterm votes come in and the GOP solidifies its control of the U.S. House, elected Republicans are debating whether McCarthy can continue to lead a GOP caucus increasingly identifying as part of the New Right.

Former House Freedom Caucus chairman Andy Biggs of Arizona recently told the Daily Caller that it was time for McCarthy to “step aside” to avoid party infighting.  

“Kevin McCarthy needs to step aside and allow our conference to move forward without him at the helm. He does not have the votes to become the next House Speaker,” Biggs said. “Not accepting this fact will stymie Republican efforts to advance legislation and hold the Biden Administration accountable. His reluctance to step down will add unnecessary chaos on Jan. 3.”

Republican Texas Rep. Michael Cloud echoed Biggs’ call for party leadership that is willing to stop Biden’s policies, telling the Daily Caller that “Congress is broken.”

“We need fundamental change in order to become a body that can represent the people over entrenched interest — and put our nation back on a path toward security and strength. I’m willing to vote for anyone who will present a clear vision and plan to accomplish this,” Cloud said.

McCarthy defended his potential position as U.S. House Majority leader against these attacks to Fox News Hosts Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on Wednesday.

“Our goal is to stop the Biden agenda, win the majority and fire Nancy Pelosi. We achieved all three of those,” McCarthy said. “I have been leader for four years and all we’ve done is win seats when every other Republican entity has lost during that time. We’re sitting and talking to every person in the conference. We have had our primary after the election who to be the nominee. I won it by 85% of the vote.”

“I do not think at the end of the day that five Republicans will hold up our opportunity to secure the border. Or that five Republicans will sit back and make us not be energy independent, or let this runaway spending continue because that’s what will happen if we don’t,” McCarthy added. “We have to find a way to work together for the next two years, otherwise we’ll lose as individuals.”  

Republican voters gave the party an 84% approval rating, with only 13% being dissatisfied with the GOP. Not surprisingly, of these same voters, only 13% approved of Biden, while 87% disapproved of the president, the poll found.

Interestingly when asked about the results of the 2020 Presidential election, an issue typically seen championed by the New Right and ignored by establishment Republicans, the base overwhelmingly felt like the outcome was questionable. Among Republican voters, 66% said Biden did not legitimately win the election, while 34% felt the election results were valid.

A majority of Republicans told the poll they followed current political affairs either most of the time or some of the time. With a base this clued into what’s happening in Washington D.C., and that gives its party leadership such bleak approval ratings, it highlights just how far the Republican base is from its elected officials.

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