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Libs of TikTok Founder Tells Tucker Carlson She is Done With Anonymity: “I Want to Help People Fight This Agenda”

  Chaya Raichik, the creator behind the Twitter account   Libs of TikTok,  had been anonymous until she was   doxed by Taylor Lorenz. Raichi...

 Chaya Raichik, the creator behind the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, had been anonymous until she was doxed by Taylor Lorenz.

Raichik’s page chronicles radical leftists by reposting videos that Liberals publish themselves on social media, often chronicling public school teachers indoctrination of children to the radical leftist agenda.

Although she appeared on Tucker Carlson before, she din not show her face publicly.

On Tuesday, Raichik joined Carlson to discuss why she decided to fully reveal her identity  for the first time on camera.

Fox News reports: 

But with her account reaching over 1.7 million on Twitter, Raichik said she feels ready to take the “next step” to further her activism and become a source of guidance for parents seeking to expose and push back against the far-left agenda in the classroom.

“I was doxxed, my name was shared, my location was shared, my photo was never shared though,” she said. “I have never done any in-person events. And I am choosing to do that now because I feel like over the past few months, I have done so much. I’ve helped educate people, I know that I’ve helped create legislation to tackle some of these issues. And I think I have done all I can And I am ready for the next step.”

Raichik saidshe hopes to become increasingly involved in fighting the culture war against the types of leftists she regularly exposes with her account.

“I get people asking me all the time, mom groups, can you come help us? I get invitations to help people understand how to expose the left and how to fight it. Being anonymous…I was restrained from doing all of those things, and I am ready to do that. I think I will be a lot more effective when I am not so anonymous anymore,” she told Carlson.

“I am excited. I already have a couple of speaking engagements planned,” Raichik added. “Hopefully there will be more, but I want to do all I can and help people to fight this agenda.”

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