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“Is ‘Hell No’ An Option” – Kari Lake DESTROYS Leftist Twitter Poll Asking “Should Kari Lake Concede?”

    The 2022 Midterm in Arizona was stolen from Kari Lake by corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who challenged Lake for Governor, and K...


The 2022 Midterm in Arizona was stolen from Kari Lake by corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who challenged Lake for Governor, and Kari Lake is not giving up.

The election was an uncertifiable disaster on Election Day in Maricopa County when voting machines and printers suddenly stopped working at over 30% of voting centers the moment the polls opened. Republican voters were forced to wait in extremely long lines, turned away from the polls, or told to deposit their ballots in the questionable “box 3” for misread ballots.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that Katie Hobbs needed to ask Twitter to silence her critics on top of running her own election and threatening to jail County Supervisors if they did not certify her corrupt election win. She is desperate to certify this election and take the Governor’s office without facing questions or challenges.

Kari Lake tweeted the following video on November 21 when Maricopa County was still counting the ballots from November 8.

@TrendingLiberal, a leftist page with 233.5k followers, commented a poll asking, “should Kari Lake Concede?” and they got absolutely leveled by 102,071 votes with 76.6% “no” votes.

Lake: Hi, this is Kari Lake and I have a message to the people of Arizona and all Americans. 40 days ago elections in Arizona officially started when mail in ballots were sent out across our state.

Why should she concede?

Katie Hobbs refused to debate, did not campaign, and had almost no following. No reasonable person would believe that she actually won this race.  She ran against Kari Lake, one of the most popular Republican candidates in a generation.

Trending Liberal’s Twitter bio states: “Campaign strategists working to stop the MAGA insanity.🛑Join our call to make America trend liberal!” This poll was a rude awakening for them.

Lake responded to the poll with a retweet, saying,

Lake: When Leftist polls go wrong.

Is “Hell No!” an option??

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake intends to challenge the election results, recently vowing that she “will not quit” and stated that she is “working with a team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections.”

This is why a corrupt Obama-appointed District Court Judge recently sanctioned Kari Lake, citing a recent lawsuit to ban machines and prevent the exact same issues that occurred on election day. The judge even admitted that these sanctions were simply meant to “send a message,” ostensibly to prevent election lawsuits from exposing the massive amounts of fraud. “this reads like an angry Obama appointee who wants to send a message,” said Kari Lake.

Other candidates, including Abe Hamadeh, are also expected to challenge the fraudulent election after the State certifies today.

Kari Lake is not going anywhere.

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