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Democrats call for precrime social media spying legislation – they want to analyze your Facebook and Twitter activity to see if you’re a POTENTIAL mass shooter

  New legislation   from House Democrats would instruct the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to collect, study, and analyze online conten...

 New legislation from House Democrats would instruct the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to collect, study, and analyze online content in order to identify potential mass shooters.

In violation of the United States Constitution, the federal government under the “Identifying Mass Shooters Act” would probe Americans’ social media use in search of “precrime” content that is deemed a threat to the safety of the public.

Proposed by Democratic Maryland Rep. Kewisi Mfume and several other House Democrats, the Identifying Mass Shooters Act would require the director of the NIJ to create and submit a report to Congress detailing the “content patterns” of mass shooters.

This would need to occur within two years of the bill’s passage, we are told, overriding the existing “oversight and accountability” spying programs that are already in place on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to combat “hate speech, extremism, radicalization, and violence.”

According to the bill, many mass shooters have “utilized various online channels” to publish their infamous “manifestos.” These patsies have also used social media to create blog posts, social media posts, and direct messages to announce their plans to commit future violence.

The job of the NIJ director would be to review “linguistic patterns used by previous mass shooters” as well as “identify items for further study relating to the effectiveness of the best practices developed under subsection.” 


Another job of the NIJ director would be to “meet with and consider any facts and analyses offered” by law enforcement agencies and academic experts, the bill itself stipulates.

If many mass shooters are government patsies, then this new bill is just about expanding the police and surveillance state in violation of the Fourth Amendment

As usual, the excuse for all this newfound government probing is that without it, more mass shootings will take place. In other words, according to Democrats, tragedies will continue to occur unless Congress steamrolls the Constitution and spies on everyone’s social media accounts in pursuit of precrime content.

The Identifying Mass Shooters Act specifically references the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School false flag shooting, claiming that the alleged culprit, who supposedly acted alone, wanted to be a “professional school shooter.”

This is all too convenient considering the gun control lobby has been desperately searching for new inroads into criminalizing ordinary Americans. The goal is to erase not just the Second Amendment but also the First, as the Identifying Mass Shooters Act is a direct assault on free speech.

As long as Americans continue to let them do this kind of thing, Congress – in this case Democrats specifically – will proceed with chipping away at the precious rights and freedoms that the U.S. Constitution has long afforded American citizens. And as always, the excuse is that Americans will be “unsafe” unless we all agree to live under a total police and surveillance state.

“Nothing creates more mass killers than being a pervert who rejected salvation,” suggested one commenter about what breeds violent killers in the first place.

“Those of you who begged for voter ID were just playing into their hands,” wrote another about how the FBI has been surveilling Americans for many years. “It hardly matters who votes when the two major party candidates are the same on virtually all the issues.”

“If you look at the statistics, freedom has declined, while government power and government revenue (theft) has increased under BOTH major parties,” this person added.

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