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Far-Left New York Judge Orders a Special Monitor Over the Trump Organization – Setting a New Standard for TDS

  Seriously, can the New York Court system and Attorney General Leticia James be any more corrupt?  These communists will stop at nothing to...


Seriously, can the New York Court system and Attorney General Leticia James be any more corrupt?  These communists will stop at nothing to try and punish those who fight to save the country, like President Trump.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrom (TDS) is off the charts. 

Registered Democrat judge Arther Engoron mandated that the Trump corporation be overseen by a corrupt individual from New York after the corrupt Attorney General in New York, who promised to make President Trump’s life miserable, charged the Trump corporation because she thinks she knows how to value properties better than the life-long property billionaire who then became President.

A judge Thursday granted the New York attorney general’s request that former President Donald Trump’s business empire be overseen by an independent monitor.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron issued an order after a daylong hearing, requiring that the Trump Organization’s dealings with banks and sale of major assets be subject to supervision by a third-party expert to be named by the court. 

The judge’s order came over strenuous objections from Trump’s lawyers in Manhattan earlier Thursday, where Trump’s team pleaded with Engoron to reject Attorney General Tish James’ bid to impose potentially far-reaching supervision of Trump’s business empire as litigation proceeds over her claims that the firms engaged in vast bank and insurance fraud in real estate transactions.

Engoron said in his ruling the evidence of fraudulent valuations by Trump and his businesses was “more than sufficient” to indicate that James is likely to prevail in the lawsuit she filed in September, which is seeking strict limits on the Trump businesses’ activities in New York and a ban on the former president and his three eldest children from serving as an officer of any New York corporation.

The corrupt and criminal actions taken by the Obama and Biden administrations are ruthless and totally criminal using the justice system to attack the primary enemy, President Trump.  These corrupt gangs made up the Russia collusion sham in an attempt to remove President Trump from office.  This was a criminal coup.  They then stole the election from President Trump and now the totally corrupt and criminal gangs want to make President Trump’s life hell because he will not comply with their communist anti-American destruction of the Constitution.

President Trump released a statement tonight about today’s corrupt court’s actions.

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