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Larry Kudlow on Mar-a-Lago Raid: “It Is Not About Presidential Documents” It’s About Keeping President Trump and His Freedom-Loving Policies Off the Ballot in 2024

  Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council, had much to say earlier this week about the economy and why the...


Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council, had much to say earlier this week about the economy and why the Biden gang raided Mar-a-Lago.  

Kudlow believes that the Biden gang’s raid on Mar-a-Lago is all about the Biden Administration trying to keep President Trump and his America-winning policies off the 2024 ticket.

Kudlow explains:

Judge Bruce Reinhart today admitted the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-lago home was “unprecedented.” He rejected Merrick Garland’s attempt to keep the search warrant affidavit completely secret and under seal.

Personally, I continue to believe that this is not about presidential documents, but it is about desperate attempts by the Biden Administration to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024. 

A bunch of smart folks I know think this outrageous invasion virtually guarantees that the former president now will run for president in 2024, but I want to step back for a moment and look at an even bigger picture.

It’s not only Biden’s attempt to keep the former president off the ballot in ’24. It is also a transparent effort by Biden to keep Trump’s highly successful policies off the ballot in ’24.

From Day 1, President Biden has reversed every successful Trump policy—large tax cuts and major deregulation that gave us the most prosperous economy in many generations, including historic low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women—the biggest after tax, after inflation, wage increase for blue collar working folks all the way down to lower incomes.

In fact, under Trumpenomics, it was the lowest census quintiles that benefitted the most with the biggest pay hikes; significantly bigger tax savings than the top 1%. Tax avoidance fell sharply. Offshore money returned home to the U.S…

…In a free economy, with free people, with freedom under the constitution, we truly get life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is literally these freedoms that President Biden and his crowd are trying to keep off the ballot this November and in November ’24. That is why the cavalry is coming. Americans love freedom and that’s my riff.

Here is Kudlow’s opening:

Americans were prosperous and making money during President Trump’s Administration.  The economy was on fire.  The GDP was at all-time highs, and the stock markets were as well.  Unemployment was at record lows and American wages were growing.  Inflation was near 1% and America was an energy-independent country.

But now inflation is at record highs.  Americans are struggling to pay their electric bills.  The economy is coming to a halt.  Experts are talking about depression rather than the Biden recession.

Americans want freedom and policies that ensure that freedom.  Biden and his gang don’t want this.  They want power and for Americans to know that they are in charge.

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