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Clarence Thomas No Longer Listed As Faculty At Law School, Won’t Teach This Fall: Reports

 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas   is no longer listed as faculty on George Washington University Law School’s  website and will ...

 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is no longer listed as faculty on George Washington University Law School’s  website and will reportedly not teach at the Washington, D.C. school in the upcoming semester.

It’s unclear if Thomas, who has taught at the school since 2011, will ever return to teach. The move comes after the Supreme Court voted to overturn the controversial Roe v. Wade decision and Democrats on the House January 6 committee have considered subpoenaing Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, for post-election activities.

Thomas’s planned co-lecturer, Gregory Maggs, said in an email obtained by the GW Hatchet that Thomas would not be teaching this fall.

“Unfortunately, I am writing with some sad news: Justice Thomas has informed me that he is unavailable to co-teach the seminar this fall. I know that this is disappointing,” Maggs said. “I am very sorry. The seminar has not been canceled but I will now be the sole instructor. For those of you still interested in taking the course, I assure you that we will make the best of the new situation.”

Politico reported that a spokesperson for the school said that Thomas told the school that he was not available to teach the class this fall. No additional details were disclosed.

The school’s College Republicans chapter said in a statement that it was “extremely disappointed and worried by the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will not be teaching at GW Law in the fall.”

“The university has lost a key figure who provides an invaluable contribution to the wide ideological spectrum that the university strives to promote,” the statement said. “We recognize that the current reports indicate Justice Thomas made this decision based on his availability, but the uproar from the student body regarding his presence as faculty – and the incessant hostility shown towards conservative students and beliefs on campus in general – is great cause for alarm and must be addressed by the university. We hope that the university will continue to pursue its mission of academic freedom and ideological diversity with more fervor in the future.”

Thomas has been viciously attacked following the court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last month.

Thomas said earlier this year, after the early draft opinion from the court was leaked, that the court would not be bullied.

“We are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like,” Thomas said. “We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.”

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