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BIDEN CALLED OUT by Frontline Workers! Firefighters, Nurses and Law Enforcement Unite to TAKE BACK THEIR POLITICAL POWER in Washington DC Today! Calling on BIDEN to TERMINATE National Emergency- END ALL COVID-19 MANDATES!

  Happening NOW! FRONTLINE WORKERS NATIONWIDE UNITE UNDER NEW COALITION c all on President Biden to Terminate National Emergency- End All CO...

 Happening NOW!

FRONTLINE WORKERS NATIONWIDE UNITE UNDER NEW COALITION call on President Biden to Terminate National Emergency- End All COVID Mandates!

WASHINGTON, DC, August 25 – The National Coalition of Frontline Workers (NCFW) launched today at a press conference across the street from the White House.  The new organization unites frontline workers representing Fire/EMS, Health Care, and Law Enforcement personnel and is non-partisan.  At today’s event, leaders called on President Biden to terminate the National Emergency and sign legislation that ends all COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The legendary Dr. Malone speaks at the National Coalition of Frontline Workers Press Conference today.

“The National Coalition of Frontline Workers has listened to its members!  We are calling on President Biden and Congress to end the Public Health Emergency surrounding COVID-19 that President Trump enacted.  This “emergency” is jeopardizing citizens and frontline workers of this great country by not allowing the men and women who have taken an oath to protect and serve the ability to do their job.”

The confused Biden is being called out by Frontline Workers at a press conference in Washington D.C.

NCFW has two entities: a non-profit foundation and a 501 C-5 enabling the coalition to make political endorsements and contributions to candidates.  

The stated mission “is to provide compassionate representation for every frontline worker in the United States.  It will focus on affecting immediate change, anchoring our work on protecting human rights and preserving the freedom of individual choice.”

For generations, frontline workers felt underrepresented politically.  Unprecedented mandates and coercive public policies enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic left many workers powerless.  On January 23, thousands of workers participated in the Defeat the Mandates March to hear speakers such as Robert Malone, MD.  That’s where the idea was born.

“Our members say they want their voices heard in political endorsements, a voice in the laws that relate to their professions and to be allowed to safely keep working to take care of you and your families,” said Rick Sterl, President, and an active Battalion Chief for a Florida East Coast Fire Department.  Sterl has more than 30 years of experience in the fire service and previously held leadership positions with several unions.

“Voices from America’s frontline have been de-valued in the workplace and under-represented in the political arena.  That changes today with NCFW,” Sterl concluded.

The National Coalition of Frontline Workers is committed to its members because the members are the backbone of this country’s health, safety, and security.

Initial membership benefits include the political voice of the majority, media access to all NCFW materials, Nurse Concierge Service, and access to educational services.

Future membership benefits planned include:

  • NCFW Benevolent Fund: Oversight for the growing list of benefits assembled to
    assist our members. (Qualifying Process Required)
  • Line of Duty Death Benefit: An underwritten life insurance policy that will give you
    peace of mind for your family in the dreadful event of a Line of Duty Death.
    (Qualifying Process Required)
  • Vaccine Injury Assistance Fund: Financial assistance for members who have
    been deemed as vaccine injured; discounted access to our full concierge nursing
    services for wellness visits, routine follow-up care, and overall healthcare
    needs. (Qualifying Process Required)

For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Trevor FitzGibbon

Cell 704-775-0487

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