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Anti-American Chinese Pundit Humiliated After His Massive Investment in USA Comes to Light

  A pro-Chinese Communist Party pundit who bought a home in the United States, even as he hurled invective at America, is facing allegations...

 A pro-Chinese Communist Party pundit who bought a home in the United States, even as he hurled invective at America, is facing allegations of hypocrisy.

Some social media commentators have claimed that Sima Nan’s social media accounts were frozen in the aftermath of the revelation that Sima, whose real name is Yu Li, bought a house in California for $257,000 in 2010.

Sima admitted the deal in a video uploaded to his personal Weibo account, according to Radio Free Asia.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I must admit this to everyone,” Sima said. “I have committed a serious and unforgivable crime and let down my online followers.”

Sima at one time had jabbed Chinese citizens living in the U.S., saying, “So opposing Uncle Sam is work, and living in the U.S. is life.”

He said the house has a manager, and no one in his family has lived there.

Sima was accused on Weibo of living an American life while attacking America.

In addition to the name-calling, there were questions on Weibo about how Sima could have moved so much money out of China.

One allegation threw out the thought that Sima had “smuggled” two million yuan out of China.

Sima later said he had received death threats.

“Suicide is not an option for me,” he wrote. “If I’m found hanged, it can only be homicide.”

Former Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin defended Sima.

Veteran political journalist Gao Yu said pundits such as like Sima and Hu “have a huge platform, and act as opinion leaders for vast numbers of ordinary internet users on behalf of the CCP,” referring to the Chinese Communist Party.

“They were both on the front lines of the anti-U.S. uproar a while back … so of course Hu Xijin is standing up for Sima Nan now that he is in trouble for buying a house in the U.S.,” she said.

Commentator Ji Feng said commentators who agree with the ruling party and speak the party talking point do not face close scrutiny.

“They have credibility among the little pinks, who don’t have long memories,” Ji said. “They have been deceived countless times.”

“His criticisms [of the U.S.] were never meant to include him,” Ji said. “Since when did these people ever include themselves?”

“Even if they did, they would still all be speaking from the standpoint of the CCP,” he said. “He wouldn’t have any audience at all if everyone was allowed to comment freely.”

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