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Radical LGBT Activists File Lawsuit Against DeSantis – Demand Picture Porn Books in Elementary School Libraries

  A group of far-left progressives has launched a legal challenge against four school districts in Florida for their adherence to the Parent...

 A group of far-left progressives has launched a legal challenge against four school districts in Florida for their adherence to the Parental Rights in Education legislation recently signed into law by Governor Ron Desantis.

Orange County Public Schools, Duval County Public Schools, Indian River County Public Schools, and Palm Beach Public Schools are named in the lawsuit. The legislation prohibits educators from having conversations with students K-3 involving sexual orientation or gender identity, without express parental permission.

This seems like a completely normal idea to the majority of the general public. Naturally, the far-left progressives who control the Democrat party believe that the right of public school educators and employees to sexualize their children behind their back is perfectly fine.

Now, a woman is leading the charge against the removal of filthy pornographic novels in Florida schools. Her name is Jen Cousins, who before castigating public officials for removing tomes that include abhorrent text and graphic pictorial representations of sometimes pedophiliac sex acts, she was a leader of the Mask Up OCPS group in Orange County, Florida that demanded students and employees of said schools remain in a permanent state of mask-wearing and forced vaccination of public employees.

According to the lawsuit, which is being handled by the SPLC and the Lambda Legal Center, the Parental Rights in Education law, which Democrats have deemed the “Don’t Say Gay”, was enacted to shame and silence LGBT students and families. Lambda Legal infamously published a book in the 90’s titled “Little Black Book,” which included tips and tricks for LGBT youth and men on how to safely engage in anonymous sex in public parks or places, training them on how to subvert undercover law enforcement trying to shut down these dangerous encounters, which can involve unprotected sex between adults and even interactions between minors and adults.

“High-traffic websites that specialize in cruising for sex including Badpuppy, Cruising For Sex and Kinky Personals will link to the Little Black Book by placing banner advertisements on their homepages. Yahoo Groups that will post a link to the Little Black Book on their homepages include Best Gay Sex Spots, Best Gay Sex Places, New York City PozQueers and Mano a Mano.”

Below is an excerpt from the lawsuit against the four school boards in Florida, cited by Florida Politics. 

“HB 1557 shames and stigmatizes these students and families, invites school officials, teachers, and classmates to view them as inferior, harms their long-term health and well-being, and denies them equal educational opportunities on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and transgender status,” the suit declares, among several charges.

However, the intent of the bill has been quite clear from the start. It serves to stop woke progressive educators from manipulating young children to participate in the consumption of pornographic and pedophiliac text, along with adopting the far-left political stances of the very people tasked with educating them about reading, writing, and arithmetic.

This journalist was removed from an Orange County Public Schools meeting for simply reading passages from Gender Queer, a filthy pornographic novel that was available to students without parental permission, while Ms. Cousins cheered on with her fellow leftists about this journalist being ejected.

The novel included discussions on the use of sex toys, along with oral and anal sex. Jen Cousins, one of the plaintiffs in the case against the four school boards in Florida regarding the Parental Rights in Education Act, has posted publicly about reading Gender Queer to her children, who are between the ages of four and twelve, stating that she “loved it.”

In the below video, you can see Jen Cousins defend the book…

Cousins also said the book was “incredible” and that she was “blown away,” after reading it.

She also went on to claim on a podcast and in numerous interviews that the book contained no sexual or pornographic content. In no surprise to anyone reading this article, Cousins has also been a major fixture during several abortion rallies in Downtown Orlando, including several that were held at venues with an open bar.

Along with her husband Matthew Cousins, she even brought her children to a drag performance.

She routinely refers to anyone who opposes sexually charged content and pornographic materials in public schools as a “domestic terrorist, white nationalist, or racist”, on her Twitter account @slytherbitch6. 

Matthew Cousins, Jennifer Cousins husband, with two of their young children at a recent Drag Show in Central Florida.

Later this week, Cousins is organizing an event with the Florida Freedom To Read non-profit, which she co-founded to inject sexual and pornographic into public schools, without parental permission, where she has encouraged media specialists and librarians across Central Florida to procure “donated” books that they can flood public school libraries with. This appears to be an attempt to skirt the Parental Rights in Education legislation. Parents have already been concerned that leftist and pro-pornography advocates like Cousins would do something like this, claiming the inclusion of books like Gender Queer in the public school libraries are somehow exempt due to them being donated and not purchased with taxpayer funds.

The Florida Association for Media in Education and the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association have shared information about the two “book giveaways” via their social media accounts. They are being held at CREDO Conduit in Downtown Orlando on July 30th from 1230pm to 4pm and in Winter Garden, Florida at Three Birds Cafe from 2pm to 430pm on August 2nd.

Dr. Rachel Kirby, a Moms for Liberty endorsed candidate in Orange County Public School Board District 1, told this Gateway Pundit journalist that Cousins’ efforts to distribute these materials to public schools is a “deliberate” to subvert parents and the Parental Rights in Education legislation signed into law by Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

“Jen Cousins and her group Florida Freedom to Read, plus FAME and Orange CTA have figured out a way to fundraise and push “inclusive” books into the school libraries. We all know these are activist groups and we have reason to be concerned. They started this after the Gender Queer book was exposed. This is a deliberate effort to subvert parents and our Governor.  Every book donated or purchased must be reviewed and tagged as to the content. If our schools cannot complete this process, then they should not be accepting books from any group until they can. This is about safety for all children, not just the ones that fit the narrative,” explained Kirby. 
Pastor Willie Montague, a candidate in Florida’s 10th congressional district in Central Florida which includes Orange County, also told us that he feels “enraged” about what people like Cousins are trying to do students in the public school system.
“We want our children to be safe from the political games being played right out right now across America. Pornographic novels like Gender Queer have no place among our children. The fact that we have a group of people who want to brainwash schoolchildren with their perverse sexual ideals should not only be concerning, it is now criminal for them to do so thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis. When I get to DC, federal legislation addressing this indoctrination across America will be one of my first priorities,” said Montague. 

In recent weeks, the CDC even unveiled a “secretive chat” that encouraged children to talk about underage sex changes and the occult behind their parents back.

This is an ongoing story that this GP will continue to monitor as it progresses.

GOD BLESS Governor Ron DeSantis for putting protections in place to stop groomers like Jen Cousins from perverting our children through flooding our public schools with pornographic and highly sexualized content.

Governor DeSantis recently addressed this in an interview with Brendan Leslie of FL Conservative Voice last week.

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