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'Demonic' Abortion Video Unearthed by Libs of TikTok Shows Why Left Wants to Dox, Ban Them

  Ever wonder why the libs want Libs of TikTok gone? I mean, let’s move beyond the obvious fact that the left wants everyone to the right of...

 Ever wonder why the libs want Libs of TikTok gone?

I mean, let’s move beyond the obvious fact that the left wants everyone to the right of Mitt Romney cancelled. Why, in particular, has the Libs of TikTok account provoked an anaphylactic reaction from serious journalists?

After all, it’s merely a social media account which exposes what libs are saying on other social media platforms — namely, TikTok. Yes, many of those clips are about transgender- and abortion-related issues, but that’s mostly because those are the two hot-button social issues in the summer of 2022, which means that’s what TikTokkers are talking about.

Perhaps, then, the reaction has to do with the fact the account unearths the truth about what the left really thinks and does.

Take a video the account published on June 19. It featured a young woman who — far from wanting abortion to be “safe, legal and rare” — wanted to get pregnant just so she could kill the child in the womb.

The unnamed woman behind the pro-abortion video — who, in fairness, doesn’t seem very bright — said that she was incensed about some people who “were live on TikTok, and they were explaining about how, oh, pro-life is good, abortions are bad, yadda yadda yadda, all this and that.

“And I had to pop in and give my two cents,” she continued. “And they were like, you know, like, they’re babies, it’s a human, humans have rights — and you’re going to kill it? That’s murder.”

Her carefully considered riposte: “I’m like, listen, b****, I would get pregnant just to abort it.”

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

The responses ranged from the serious to the flippant:

One comment, however, seemed to encapsulate why this woman’s flippancy — getting pregnant just so she could sacrifice a baby to the Moloch of Planned Parenthood — was so problematic:

Not really any more — and that’s what videos like this expose.

Just days after this video, far-left mag The Nation published this piece about that “clump of cells.” The title says it all: “Abortion Involves Killing–and That’s OK!”

“We humans do kill, when necessary: Victims of assault sometimes kill in self-defense, targets of persecution sometimes kill for justice — or just to reduce the number of their persecutors — and the colonized sometimes kill for liberation,” Sophie Lewis wrote in the piece.

“As long as people are performing pregnancy on this earth, they must be free to change their minds about seeing it through … The science of medicine dictates that when foreign organisms inhabit the human body unwelcomely, we tend to eject them.”

This is slightly more eloquent than “I’m like, listen, b****, I would get pregnant just to abort it,” but the argument is essentially the same: Sure, it may be a life, but it’s a life women must necessarily have the freedom to slaughter, with little or no moral aspersions cast upon the decision.

Lewis’ article in The Nation may have been dressed up in verbal filigree, but both come from the same place: the new ethical priorities of the left.

The only problem is that they’re usually dressed up in rhetorical finery, like Lewis’ piece or in the fawning descriptions of transgender children or Drag Queen Story Hour in the mainstream media.

Libs of TikTok exposes all of this in its rawest form. For this, the woman who runs the account was doxed by The Washington Post’s wholly unprincipled Taylor Lorenz and subjected to death threats on Twitter, threats that the social media giant allegedly refuses to take action on.

The account has been suspended at various times by both Instagram and Twitter. What’s more, the New York Post reported two weeks ago that the account’s founder says she’s obtained internal messages from Twitter employees that indicate the social media giant might ban the account for good.

Why? You don’t even need to ask: It’s too effective at exposing the demonic agenda of the left for what it really is.

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