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'Unconscionable': House Democrats Just Blocked the American Energy Independence from Russia Act

  A bill that would restart the Keystone XL Pipeline project as a first step to ensuring America’s energy independence amid skyrocketing fue...

 A bill that would restart the Keystone XL Pipeline project as a first step to ensuring America’s energy independence amid skyrocketing fuel prices was kicked back into committee Wednesday by House Democrats.

President Joe Biden canceled the pipeline on his first day in office, claiming in his executive order that it “would not serve the U.S. national interest” and “would undermine U.S. climate leadership.”

House Republicans sought to open floor debate on the bill to restart the project, HR 6858, which has been shuffled into committees and subcommittees by majority Democrats since it was introduced in February by Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington. 

Democrats rejected the attempt, mothballing the American Energy Independence from Russia Act, according to a report Thursday from the energy- and environment-focused outlet E&E News.

“House Dems just voted against a measure by @HouseGOP  to consider the American Energy Independence from Russia Act — a critical bill that would unleash American energy production,” Republican Rep. Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma tweeted Wednesday. 

“Clearly, Dems don’t care about solving our crushing energy crisis,” she said. “Unbelievable!”

Alexis Martinez Johnson, an environmental engineer and a Republican candidate for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District, criticized Democrats in general and Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of New Mexico in particular for blocking the bill from consideration.

“It is unacceptable and appalling,” she said, according to Fox News.

“Here in New Mexico, we are blessed with one of the most energy-rich and energy-diverse states in the country,” Martinez Johnson said.

“We could be powering the nation, creating high-paying jobs where they are desperately needed, and reinforcing our national security all through our abundant resources,” she said. “Instead, we are being drowned in high gas prices while the world becomes less stable every day. It’s unconscionable.” 


“From my perspective as an Environmental Engineer, it is infuriating to see my neighbors suffering because Leger Fernandez refuses to help unlock our state’s tremendous energy potential,” the Republican added.

McMorris Rodgers introduced the bill days after Russian leader Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. 

“America’s energy dominance is our strongest weapon against Putin. Today, we are introducing the American Energy Independence from Russia Act that would require President Biden to make an energy security plan within 30 days and take action to unleash America’s oil and natural gas production to offset Russian imports,” the congresswoman said in a statement.

“The American Energy Independence from Russia Act will immediately approve the Keystone XL pipeline, unleash U.S. LNG exports to boost natural gas production, restart oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters, and protect energy and mineral development from attacks by the Biden administration,” she said.

McMorris Rodgers said the bill would strengthen America and weaken Russia. 

“Putin and Russia’s economy are dependent upon dominating energy production and exporting to other nations. He gains power by doing so, and it’s what funds his military and aggressive behavior,” she said.

“To counter Putin, our bill flips the switch to promote American energy jobs, production, and exports. America must shut down Putin’s war chest and stop bloodshed in Ukraine, and this legislation is a vital step in achieving those goals,” she said. 

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