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Horowitz: Top 6 demands to put Americans first in omnibus bill

  Our nation is at an inflection point like never before. Despite clear science and data indicating that our government is now responsible f...

 Our nation is at an inflection point like never before. Despite clear science and data indicating that our government is now responsible for countless deaths and injuries from vaccine mandates and the blocking of treatment, nothing has been done to rectify this for the future. We have a border that is wide open to millions of illegal aliens and cartel criminals. We have a government getting us into war with Russia over a corrupt Ukrainian regime, crushing consumers with inflation without any effort to boost American food and fuel production. And we have a budget bill that will not only ratify these policies, but spend even more money enforcing them and exacerbating the demise of the U.S. dollar.

In other words, it all comes down to the 2,741-page omnibus bill released late Tuesday night, which the House will vote on hours after it was posted online. It’s time to fix our government through the budget or shut down this ruinous government from destroying our lives. Let’s not forget that the inflation and supply chain crises were not originally caused by the Russian war; they were caused by COVID fascism and biblical levels of spending that devalued the dollar. Currently, both parties plan to solve the problem … by spending even more on COVID funding, spending $12 billion on Ukraine, and engaging in a proxy war with Russia and its oil exports without ramping up domestic production.

Republicans have the votes to block the omnibus bill in the Senate. Technically, they even have a majority, because Democrat Sen. Ben Ray Lujan (N.M.) is on medical leave. Here are the six demands they should make before passing a budget bill.

1) End of all COVID mandates: Workers, soldiers, health care professionals, and patients are still being forced to get the shots, despite everything that has been revealed about the safety and efficacy. All the vaccine and mask mandates still in place must be terminated. Yet not only does the omnibus bill fund every corrupt agency that is still promulgating these immoral and illogical policies, it gives another $15 billion to HHS to promote Pfizer, mass testing, and health surveillance. In total, the monsters at the Department of Health and Human Services responsible for the COVID disaster got a 12 percent funding boost, which will total $108.3 billion.

2) End emergency declaration: Ideally, the existing emergency statute should be repealed and replaced, but at a minimum the current emergency declaration and the invocation of the PREP Act that has induced all of this mischief and has handed our society over to Big Pharma must end.

3) Drill, baby, drill: Both parties seem to agree that we must dump $14 billion into Ukraine while cutting off Russian oil. Putting the prudence of these policies aside, it is indefensible to harm American consumers without first ramping up American production. This includes:

  • Approval of the Keystone pipeline;
  • Expansion of drilling in Alaska and federal lands and termination of moratorium on permits;
  • Removal of Biden’s recent global warming regulations on energy production;
  • Elimination of the ethanol mandate, which increases the price of fuel and food and harms independent oil refiners;
  • Ending the ban on financing of coal-fired power plants;
  • Ending all the existing barriers to fracking;
  • Ending restrictions on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission limiting its ability to approve natural gas pipelines;
  • Pulling out of the Paris climate accord;
  • Suspending the EPA seasonal fuel blend regulations, which would decrease refining and transportation costs.

4) Ban oil and gas from Venezuela and Iran: If we are going to ask the American people to sacrifice Russian oil and gas on behalf of the Zelenskyy regime, then shouldn’t that same sense of morality trump supply concerns when it comes to Iran and Venezuela? Yet the Biden administration plans on using them as alternative exporters of energy.

5) Defund spying on political opposition: The DHS has announced it is treating opponents of election fraud and COVID fascism as the highest terrorism concern. The DOJ is promising to work with local law enforcement to combat concerned parents standing up to licentious school board officials. How can we combat authoritarians overseas when our own government is engaging in tyrannical behavior?

6) Defund border invasion: Thousands of illegal aliens are being flown from the border to our communities rather than being removed. Over 62,000 were released in January alone. Any program designed to complete the criminal smuggling conspiracy of the cartels must be defunded, and Title 42 removals must be applied to all who come to our border.

The bottom line is that a vote for the current omnibus is a vote for more inflation, more medical experimentation, more mandates, an open-ended war with Russia from a position of weakness, and every other immoral activity funded by our government. Yet rather than secure these demands, what was the hill to die on for GOP leader Mitch McConnell? He bragged about raising Biden’s $10 billion Ukraine aid package to $14 billion. In other words, he doesn’t give a hoot about Americans and American issues. The only thing that elevates his testosterone levels is foreign interests.

Does anyone believe this will change when Republicans have the majority and the same GOP leaders control the floor process with the same decrepit values they harbor today? If anything, there is no time like the present. With a 27% approval rating, Republicans could fight on every one of these issues and have the public on their side. Except all of the bad guys are actually on the same side – Republicans and Democrats. Which leaves we the people without any avenue to redress our grievances.

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