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Globalist Energy Agency Introduces 10-Point Dystopian Travel Restriction Plan to 'Solve' Gas Crisis

  The   International Energy Agency   has developed an answer to the current gasoline price crisis with a 10-point plan that urges motorists...

 The International Energy Agency has developed an answer to the current gasoline price crisis with a 10-point plan that urges motorists to put their lives in park until they can buy electric vehicles.

The agency calls its 10-point plan a “short-term” solution of emergency actions that will reduce energy use by 2.7 million barrels of oil per day within four months.

Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition of France, said in the IEA statement that transitioning from fossil fuels is “an absolute necessity, for the climate but also for our energy sovereignty. The plan proposed today by the IEA offers some interesting ideas, some of which are in line with our own ideas to reduce our dependence on oil.” 

The list calls for a reduction of speed limits by at least 10 kilometers per hour, along with carpooling.


As the world recovers from the pandemic, the IEA wants to return to the good old days of lockdowns by insisting that workers should spend three days a week working from home. 

The IEA wants to create what it calls “alternate private car access to roads in large cities” and create “car-free Sundays in cities.”

As part of its transportation revolution to dethrone the automobile, the IEA wants cheaper public transit and for governments to “incentivize micromobility, walking and cycling.” Business air travel should also be scrapped where possible, the group said.

The group calls for everyone to make vast changes in very vague ways by calling for governments to “reinforce the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles.” 


Amid a supply chain crisis, the group wants governments to “promote efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods” while “using high-speed and night trains instead of planes where possible.”

On Sunday, Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming said the problem is not consumer behavior, but America’s leadership, according to ABC

“Well, Joe Biden can’t hide from the fact that he is the president of high gas prices,” Barrasso said on the ABC show “This Week.”

“And they’re looking for anyone to blame, whether it’s Putin, whether it’s Republicans, whether it’s energy companies, whether it’s COVID. The Democrats have a very big problem with 40-year high inflation, highest gas prices ever,” he said. 

“When Joe Biden came into office it was $2.38 a gallon for gasoline,” Barrasso said, according to the Washington Times. “American families paid $1,000 more for energy last year than the year before.”

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