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About half of Americans don't think President Biden will run for re-election in 2024

  A whopping 52% of the Americans surveyed in a Wall Street Journal   poll   do not believe that President Joe Biden will seek re-election, ...

 A whopping 52% of the Americans surveyed in a Wall Street Journal poll do not believe that President Joe Biden will seek re-election, while only 29% think he will seek a second term — the outlet linked to another article about the poll which noted that the survey involved registered voters.

The poll found that just 41% of Democrats think that the president will seek re-election, while 32% do not think he will do so.

When David Muir of ABC News asked Biden in December if he plans to seek re-election, the president said "Yes," but added the caveat that he will run if he has "good health."

ABC exclusive: Biden on running for re-election l ABC

Biden, who is already the oldest U.S. president in history, will be 82-years-old at the the end of his current term. If re-elected, he will be 86-years-old by the end of his second term. 

"I don't think President Biden is going to run—not simply because of his age, but he's been doing this for a very long time. You can hear it in his voice. You don't hear the same level of energy and enthusiasm," Georgia state Rep. Derrick Jackson, said, according to the Journal. Jackson, a Democrat, is running for lieutenant governor in the Peach State. 

The outlet reported that a Democratic legislator, who did not want to be named, said that lawmakers hoped Biden would not make a mistake while delivering the State of the Union address: "Everybody was very pleasantly surprised with the State of the Union address and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over," the legislator remarked.

"Do I think he's the best candidate ever? No. Maybe I'd be more interested in someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than him," said Garr Van Orden, a stay-at-home father from Utah. "But I think he'll run again, and I will vote for him."

The poll found that 49% of those surveyed think that former President Donald Trump will mount another presidential bid, while 27% do not think he will pursue the presidency again — 60% of Republicans think Trump will throw his hat into the ring in 2024, the survey found.

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