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UPDATE: Migrant Killed After Assaulting Agent, Says Arizona Sheriff

Information emerging from the investigation by an Arizona border sheriff into a Border Patrol agent-involved shooting of a migrant reveals t...

Information emerging from the investigation by an Arizona border sheriff into a Border Patrol agent-involved shooting of a migrant reveals the migrant assaulted the agent during an arrest. The migrant reportedly struck the agent multiple times before pickup up a rock to throw at the agent.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into the shooting death of a Mexican national in a mountainous canyon northeast of Douglas, Arizona. The shooting took place during the night of February 19, Breitbart Texas reported.

After interviewing agents and other witnesses, Sheriff Mark Dannels released a report that two Border Patrol agents responded to a sensor in the area of Skeleton Canyon. The horseback-mounted agents had to dismount due to the steep terrain of the area being searched.

As the agents approached the group, the migrants scattered. One of the agents pursued a migrant who fled downhill. The other agent pursued the migrants that moved up the hill, Sheriff Dannels’ statement indicates.

The agent and the downhill fleeing migrant tripped and fell several times while running in the darkness. The agent eventually caught up with the migrant and attempted to make an arrest.

The agents said the migrant struck him with his fist. The fist struck the agent’s shoulder and traveled up to his cheek. The agent tackled the migrant who went face down with his hands concealed under his body. The migrant would not reveal his hands, the statement continues.

The migrant then threw his elbow back, striking the agent. This allowed the migrant to stand up. He then ran about six feet and then picked up a large rock. He turned toward the agent and made a throwing motion with the hand holding the rock.

Fearing for his life and safety, the agent discharged his firearm multiple times, striking and killing the migrant, the sheriff’s statement reports. The second agent arrived a short time later.

Additional agents arrived on the scene and contacted the sheriff’s office for assistance.

Sheriff Dannels’ office interviewed the agents involved and the migrants to develop the facts released above.

The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy and reported the migrant, identified as 32-year-old Carmelo Cruz-Marcos, a Mexican national, died from multiple gunshot wounds. Officials reported the death to the Mexican consulate who notified the migrant’s family.

Sheriff Dannels said his office is continuing the criminal investigation into the shooting. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility is also conducting an investigation regarding the agent-involved shooting.

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