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Flashback: Biden Recommended Woke Valentine's Day Gift - If You Follow His Advice, You Are Going to Get Dumped

  For many Americans, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love with the people who are most special to them. For President Joe Biden, it ...

 For many Americans, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love with the people who are most special to them. For President Joe Biden, it historically has been a day filled with awkward moments.

The first example occurred in 2015 when Biden was vice president under then-President Barack Obama. He appeared in a YouTube video alongside the Gregory Brothers to celebrate the occasion.

According to their website, the Gregory Brothers gained fame for turning various videos into comedy songs. They are the creators of YouTube hits including “Auto-Tune the News,” “Songify the News” and “Songify This!”

At the beginning of the video, Biden was sitting alongside two of the brothers, Michael and Andrew Rose Gregory.

“Hey folks. Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said. “This year, get someone you love something really special.”

When Andrew Rose Gregory told the vice president that Valentine’s Day is “just a scam by greeting card companies,” Biden advised him to “take it seriously” and let out an uncomfortable laugh.

“Our Valentine’s Day gift to you is a song about kissing people on the mouth,” Michael Gregory said.

The video then cut to a “Songify This!” recording by the Gregory Brothers that showed a young boy explaining he had his first kiss. The brothers auto-tuned the video and added background vocals to turn the child’s experience into a song.

After a full minute of that uncomfortable story, the video returned to Biden, who was now sitting beside a third brother, Evan Gregory.

“Your health and well-being is the best gift you can give your parents or anyone else who loves you out there,” Biden said. “So go check out today and pick a plan that’s the best fit for you.”

No matter what health care plan Biden was talking about, this would be terrible advice. The best gifts for significant others on Valentine’s Day include candy, flowers and a nice dinner — not a health care plan.

Furthermore, Biden has no expertise in health care.

During his time in the Obama administration, he was a vocal advocate for the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, health insurance premiums doubled from 2013 to 2017 under Obamacare despite Obama himself promising the average family would pay thousands of dollars less under his plan.

Raising premiums for the middle and lower classes is hardly a loving thing to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

Last year, Biden added another line item to his list of awkward Valentine’s Day occurrences. In a video shared on Twitter, he looked confused walking on the lawn near the White House surrounded by giant hearts.

First lady Jill Biden said she was responsible for the spectacle, which included words such as “healing” and “unity” inside the giant heart cutouts.

Joe Biden then launched into a bumbling speech about Jill leaving him love notes in the window when he was the vice president.

At the end of the clip, Biden awkwardly attempted to force a cup of coffee into a reporter’s hand and said he “didn’t even have a taste.”

Monday was a less-eventful Valentine’s Day for the president as he spent his morning brushing off questions of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Given his past blunders on Feb. 14, merely ignoring major foreign policy threats seems like a relative win.

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