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Alleged Serial Killer Finally Caught After Virginia Murder Spree

  Virginia police said that they have identified the man they believe to be a serial killer known as the “Shopping Cart Killer.” At least fo...

 Virginia police said that they have identified the man they believe to be a serial killer known as the “Shopping Cart Killer.”

At least four victims in Fairfax County and Harrisonburg, Virginia, have been attributed to the killer, but police believe there are other unknown victims as well.

On Friday, police charged Anthony Robinson, 35, who has been in the Rockingham County Jail since late November, with two counts of first-degree murder, according to WTOP-TV.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said that the “Shopping Cart Killer” meets his victims on online dating sites. They meet in person at a motel, where the victims are killed. Shopping carts are used to take the victims to what Davis called “their final resting place.”

“Our shopping cart killer does unspeakable things with his victims,” Davis said. “And it’s our collective duty and responsibility to bring justice and closure to all of our communities.”

The four victims attributed to the Shopping Cart Killer all died from blunt force trauma.

Robinson has addresses ranging as far north as New York; others are in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

“We know he’s obviously traveled all the way down to Harrisonburg,” Davis said. “But where else has he been? Where else has he laid his head? Where else has he worked? Who does he know in all of the jurisdictions in between?”

The victims Robinson is accused of killing are Allene Elizabeth Redmon, 54, of Harrisonburg, and Tonita Lorice Smith, 39, of Charlottesville. Their bodies were found near each other in November, although they were killed separately, police said.

On Wednesday, police said human remains were found in Fairfax County. Cheyenne Brown, 29, of Washington, D.C., was identified as one victim.

Police said Brown was four months pregnant when she was killed. They also claimed she and Robinson had communicated on a dating site.

The second person whose remains were found in a container along with Brown’s are too badly decomposed to allow for identification, according to police.

They are working to identify the other victim whose remains were found in the container along with Brown’s, according to WTTG-TV.

“He’s killed four already, and we suspect he has more victims,” Davis said.

“He preys on the weak, he preys on the vulnerable, and he does unspeakable things with his victims.”

“We know who he is — thank God he’s behind bars right now. But that still doesn’t take away from the urgency that exists to identify any other victims that might be out here — literally beyond the Commonwealth of Virginia and up the East Coast,” he explained.

“Justice will prevail and the offender will be held accountable for what he did,” Major Ed O’Carroll said, according to WTOP-TV.

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