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95% Vaccinated NFL Postpones Games Over Omicron Surge After 100 Players Test Positive for Covid

  The NFL postponed three games over a Covid surge. 95% of NFL players and over 99% of coaches  and staff are fully vaccinated against Covid...


The NFL postponed three games over a Covid surge.

95% of NFL players and over 99% of coaches and staff are fully vaccinated against Covid.

More than 100 vaccinated NFL players have tested positive for Covid in the past week.

Two games were moved to Monday and one game was moved to Tuesday.

CNBC reported:

The National Football League on Friday said that it will postpone three games this weekend due to a surge in Covid-19 cases among players and as the new omicron variant of the virus makes inroads across the United States.

The Raiders-Browns game in Cleveland, originally scheduled for Saturday, will be played Monday afternoon. Two games that were set for Sunday — the Seahawks vs the Rams and the Washington Football Team against the Philadelphia Eagles — will be played Tuesday night.

“We have made these schedule changes based on medical advice and after discussion with the [National Football League Players Association] as we are seeing a new, highly transmissible form of the virus this week resulting in a substantial increase in cases across the league,” the NFL said in a statement.

“We continue to make decisions in consultation with medical experts to ensure the health and safety of the NFL community,” the league said.

Earlier this week the NFL issued a leaguewide memo to all 32 teams that said the organization is going to follow the CDC’s baseless recommendation and require that all non-player personnel take the booster no later than December 27th.

The memo asked teams to provide booster shots to all eligible staff “as soon as possible.”

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