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USC Law School dean tells students to snitch on classmates who DRINK WATER in violation of covid restrictions

  At the   University of Southern California School of Law , students are   not allowed to hydrate themselves   because doing so, according ...

 At the University of Southern California School of Law, students are not allowed to hydrate themselves because doing so, according to Dean Andrew T. Guzman, might cause someone to test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a recent email sent out to faculty, staff and students, Guzman explained that students are not allowed to eat or drink indoors at any time. If a student is in need of water, he or she has to go outside, take a drink and “return to class promptly,” Guzman says.

“Everyone must wear a mask at all times while indoors except when alone in a private office,” Guzman barked. “All eating and drinking must take place outdoors.”

“The exception to this rule is limited to instructors, who may briefly hydrate while teaching but must re-mask immediately, as well as employees who are alone in a private office.”

Anyone “identified” as a repeated violator of Guzman’s decree will be “contacted individually,” he further threatened, and “may be subject to sanctions.”

“If you see a member of our community who is not compliant with these policies, you are free to politely remind them of their obligations to the health and safety of those around them,” Guzman went on to explain.

“If you are uncomfortable approaching non-compliant members of our community, you may reach out to and we will approach that individual.”

More than 91 percent of USC students and faculty are “fully vaccinated” – do the vaccines not work or something?

Guzman, a climate change fanatic, does not want any USC Law School student to stay properly hydrated while learning. He would rather they become dehydrated because this is the only way for them to stay “safe” against Chinese Germs.

Keep in mind that according to the latest updates from the school, upwards of 91 percent of all USC students and faculty have been “fully vaccinated” with Fauci Flu shots. Why, then, are they still expected to wear a mask?

Could it be that the jabs do not work? Or maybe tyrants like Guzman enjoy watching students suffer, knowing he has control over their behavior and can choose to make their daily life on campus a living hell.

USC is also feverishly testing students and faculty, having conducted 27,000 tests in just one week alone. If almost everyone is fully vaccinated and getting tested, why are they not allowed to take a sip of water in class?

There is, of course, no logical answer to any of these questions. USC has decided to punish its students with these egregious mandates, and Guzman is adding to it by trying to create a snitch culture within its law school.

At this point, it is a mystery why anyone would choose to enroll at a place like USC in the first place. Why would a person want to subject himself or herself to a prison-like environment that is more reminiscent of a concentration camp than a school?

“Where does that leave students with medical issues such as diabetes who cannot go long periods of time without eating?” asked one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “Sounds like a violation of their rights.”

“These clowns don’t care,” responded another. “They only care about trannies.”

“These tyrants are everywhere,” wrote yet another, pointing out that the Branch Covidians have taken over many prominent roles throughout society.

“They have crept into these positions of influence and power. But now they are exposing themselves. If we want to survive, we must purge these people out of these positions.”

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