Leftist media cheer Biden’s ‘angry dad vibes’ as bitter lines are drawn in the sand

 President Biden’s combative speech detailing his plan to impose a vaccine mandate on employers has been met with sharp backlash, but to some, it was a welcome gesture.

The executive order, signed Thursday, mandates that all federal workers and contractors who have dealings with the federal government must be vaccinated against Covid-19, removing the option to continually test for infection that had previously been permitted. The reaction was swift and sharp, highlighting how divisive the new plan has been in pitting vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans against each other.

Not all of the feedback was negative, however. For every defiant, fiery tweet or social media post, there was one from liberals cheering the new policy. For some, such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times, this was a sign of the decisive leadership he wanted:

For Matthew Miller of MSNBC, the “angry dad vibes” were a reassurance:

Others, however, found something concerning and statist in trying to portray the American president in such a paternal role: (** Language warning)

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper had mixed feelings about Biden’s approach, which itself became a trending topic on Friday:

Some felt that this was derailing from a discussion about the situation in Afghanistan:

Others pointed out that there seems to be a double standard, noting how people seem inclined to cheer on unconstitutional overreach – as long as it’s from their side:

What remains without a doubt is that the bitter divine in America over vaccinations, and the political weaponization of the issue, will continue. Ominous statements from the White House have not helped ease fears of an increasingly authoritarian bent in Washington. The direct challenge to Republican governors has prompted an angry response, with legal battle lines quickly being drawn in the sand.

There are even some hints at division within the administration itself over the matter. The White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, openly admitted in a tweet that the new mandate is effectively circumventing the spirit of the constitution (to say nothing of the letter):

Regardless of whether the mandate can survive the first contact with the legal system, any semblance of national unity is sure to be the casualty as “us versus them” thinking increasingly dominates the discourse on social media.

Leftist media cheer Biden’s ‘angry dad vibes’ as bitter lines are drawn in the sand Leftist media cheer Biden’s ‘angry dad vibes’ as bitter lines are drawn in the sand Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 11:42 Rating: 5

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