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Tucker Carlson Continues Attacking Idea of Accepting Afghan Refugees: Leaders Want to ‘Change the Demographic Balance of This County’

  Fox News’   Tucker Carlson   yet again decried the bipartisan calls for the United States to welcome refugees from Afghanistan. As the U.S...

 Fox News’ Tucker Carlson yet again decried the bipartisan calls for the United States to welcome refugees from Afghanistan.

As the U.S. scrambles to evacuate Americans and allies from Afghanistan, a number of Republicans have joined the calls for the Biden administration

On Wednesday night, Carlson said most Americans would want to help Afghan refugees who helped the United States, but added, “There are many in our ruling class who are anxious to take advantage of that… They see our decency and our weakness and exploit those things.”

He told viewers that U.S. leaders want to “open the borders and change the demographic balance of this country.”

In response to Fareed Zakaria lambasting the message of “look at Biden, he’s trying to get brown people to come into the country,” Carlson actually said this:

“The right wing hates brown people.” The only problem is most Afghans are not brown. Your average green-eyed Pashtun is as pale as anyone sitting on this set right now. Essentially they’re bearded white guys. Do the dummies on cable television know that? It’s possible they don’t know it. From their perspective, anyone who doesn’t have access to the New York City subway must be a foreigner, and all foreigners are brown. We know that, they just are.

He continued railing against the idea of accepting these refugees, asking, “How will this new wave of immigration affect America? Will America be a better country, or will it be a little more like Afghanistan, which is to say not really a better country?”

Carlson pointed to instance of Afghans being arrested in places like Austria for crimes including rape.

He asked, “Why is this our unique moral burden? Isn’t the U.S. government’s first obligation to its own people? Isn’t that the only point of having a government to look out for its citizens? Why else have a government actually?”

Carlson attacked Republican Congressman Peter Meijer and other House Republicans for pushing the Biden administration to help evacuate and resettle Afghan refugees.

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