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PA State Rep Rob Kauffman: “CALL SENATOR CORMAN’S OFFICE – We Want To Make Sure He’s On Board” for Audit

  Pennsylvania State Representative Rob Kauffman Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Corman, a so-called Republican, is preventing full foren...


Rob Kauffman PA

Pennsylvania State Representative Rob Kauffman

Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Corman, a so-called Republican, is preventing full forensic audit efforts in Pennsylvania.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Thuesday that Corman was blocking State Senator Doung Mastriano’s audit efforts in Pennsylvania.

Jake Corman has been upholding this process since the deadline for county compliance at the end of July.

OANN reports, “Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Corman is responsible for blocking the audit so, lawmakers held a rally in Pennsylvania to help the residents’ voice be heard. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.”

Bobb: Pennsylvania State Representative Rob Kauffman, it’s been quite a turnout tonight with a lot of people showing up for an audit the vote rally. What do you hope comes up this or what does this tell you?

Kauffman: it’s unbelievable here in little old Scotland Pennsylvania, hundreds of people from across south central Pennsylvania, across the Commonwealth, turning out to demand that we in Pennsylvania audit the vote. They want to see voter integrity, here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Bobb: How does that occur? We know that there’s been some obstruction from Republicans within the Commonwealth, what happens from here?

Kauffman: Ideally, we have Senator Mastriano, Chair of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee here in the Commonwealth. Once the issue subpoenas and he needs the support from the Senate leadership. And so we need everyone on board. Team Voter Integrity, Team Audit the Vote. We need everybody on board to make sure it happens here in Pennsylvania.

Bobb: And how do people watching this, what can they do? I’m sure there’s Pennsylvania residents that are saying I want to be a part of this, but I’m not in Chambersburg, what, what can they do to help?

Kauffman:It’s important for you to talk to your representative, especially talk to your senator, and also get with your, your, make sure you call Senator Corman’s office because you know he is in the driver’s seat with us and we want to make sure he’s on board and supporting audit the vote here in Pennsylvania. 

Audit War Room also posted to telegram on August 13.

Last time this went viral Jake Corman had to turn off his phones and computers! Let’s try it again. Please post everywhere so Jake Corman knows that Americans all across the country are watching him. 


Call: 717-787-1377


Twitter: @jakecorman

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Jake Corman and his flip-flop failures.

Last month, Corman fought against the Pennsylvania Department of State’s extremely partisan directive prohibiting election audits.

Today, he shows his weakness as a public servant in contempt of his duties.

Jake Corman is preventing a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania.

Contact Corman NOW, and tell him to do the right thing.

Call: 717-787-1377


Twitter: @jakecorman

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