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Candace Owens Facing $20M Defamation Lawsuit for Claiming GOP House Candidate Kim Klacik Was a Strip Club Madame, Money Launderer

  Former Republican congressional candidate   Kimberly Klacik   is suing   Candace Owens   for $20 million, alleging that the conservative c...

 Former Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik is suing Candace Owens for $20 million, alleging that the conservative commentator defamed her with multiple false claims of illegal activity.

The lawsuit, first reported by The Baltimore Sun, revolves around a 44 minute Instagram live video where Owens made a series of criminal allegations against Klacik. These charges include tax and campaign finance fraud, money laundering, doing drugs, and working as the “madame” of a strip club.

Law&Crime (Mediaite’s sister website) obtained court documents from the lawsuit Klacik has filed against Owens, and Klacik’s lawyer is arguing that the video was an extension of a “defamatory smear campaign” Owens has waged against his client. Klacik’s attorney, Jacob Frenkel, further argues that Klacik has lost out on a book deal, media appearances and other financial, political opportunities because of Owens’ claims.

“Ms. Klacik and her family continue to be harassed daily, with Ms. Klacik specifically receiving harmful and degrading comments because of the defamatory claims made by the Defendant,” the lawsuit states. “Defendant has defamed and injured Ms. Klacik; accordingly, Ms. Klacik initiates this action to vindicate her rights under civil law and seek compensatory and punitive damages as a result of Defendant’s conduct.”

The lawsuit comes after another public spat Klacik and Owens had recently when President Joe Biden officially made Juneteenth a federal holiday. This was accompanied by other social media dustups — with Klacik expressing interest in taking their feud to court.

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