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As The Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan, These Brave Women Go To The Streets To Fight For Their Rights (8 Pics)

  The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s government has already caused disarray and raised a great deal of concern about citizens’ future. ...

 The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s government has already caused disarray and raised a great deal of concern about citizens’ future. According to recent news, once the Taliban, an Islamist military organization, took the power, people of Afghanistan immediately started leaving the country. The motive for this was the past experience of the Taliban ruling the country from 1996 to 2001. Having in mind how severe their rule was, people wanted to leave the country at all costs. Some of these people actually sacrificed their lives by clinging to a moving military plane, which they fell from.

For those who couldn’t run away, the future seems vague and scary. However, this didn’t stop 4 brave women from speaking their minds. Recently, a video of 4 Afghan women marching in the streets of Kabul demanding their rights went viral on social media.

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As the Taliban takes over rule of Afghanistan, people are full of uncertainty, fear and doubts about their future

The Taliban is known for strictly following Islamic law. In the past, they restricted women by only focusing on the importance of their household, and banned television and music. Having this in mind, women went to the streets to claim their freedom. This act has caused a public debate. Some people were fascinated by their bravery, agreeing that nothing has ever changed without confrontation. However, some people were skeptical and stating that they were putting themselves at risk without gaining an actual win.

These 4 women decided to take a risk and go to the streets of Kabul demanding their rights

Image credits: AlinejadMasih

How did the Taliban react to all of this? According to Zabihullah Mujahid, an official Taliban spokesman, they have no intentions to limit women’s rights. 20 years have passed since the Taliban was first leading the country and their views have changed throughout the years. In his speech, Mujahid stated that girls will be able to receive education and women will be able to go to work and engage in political life. But all of this positive news was met skeptically by people.

As the country is in fear and uncertainty, acts like these can change the course of events. What is clear from the statement that these four women made is that they don’t want to go back in time when they had no right to express their opinions.

What do you think about this situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Besides people online praising these women for being brave, some skeptics believe that these women are only putting themselves in danger

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