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Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers Speaks At PA Audit The Vote Rally: “This Is Now A Packageable, EXPORTABLE , Excellent, The BEST EVER Combination Of Technical Expertise” (VIDEO)

  Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano rallied supporters for election integrity in Pennsylvania...


Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano rallied supporters for election integrity in Pennsylvania this week.

On Tuesday night, the two election integrity fighters headlined the Pennsylvania “Audit the Vote Rally”.

Senator Mastriano is spearheading the movement in Pennsylvania to audit the 2020 election results, a battleground state stolen from President Trump.

Since visiting Arizona in June, he has been inspired to perform a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is one of the leaders of the historic election audit in Arizona. She has lead the way in fighting off the federal government and standing up to the County’s defiance.

During her speech, Rogers told the crowd in Pennsylvania more about the first-ever full forensic audit where Arizona Senators are leading the world on election transparency.

Rogers: I just want to give you a real quick rundown on how excellent these experts are. Cyber Ninjas, is the overarching contractor, and they are an application security company, so they can determine if an app is secure. Then you have Cypher, which is a data security company, and did you know that a few years ago cipher was demonstrating some software with the Federal Office of Personnel Management? How many of us had secret and top-secret clearances and filled out applications to get that? Well, they found out that all those had been breached. But they weren’t even there for that, but they discovered that. That’s the excellence and the access that Cypher has had. My point in bringing up these details is to reassure you that this is now a packageable, exportable, excellent, the best ever combination of technical expertise now. we have the blueprint. We’ve been through this!

And there’s no rushing it. We want accuracy, there will be deniers, there already are. But we want the airtight result. And that is so important, it’s better to be right, than to be rapid, okay. And so these, these subpoenas, I get asked, “well, Rogers, what about the subpoenas? You know they’re thumbing their nose at you.” They did, and they’re rude. And they’re disrespectful, not only to the Arizona Senate, but to the people of Arizona, absolutely disgraceful. So, undaunted and undeterred, my colleague, also retired military Sony Borrelli. He called me up one day he goes, “Colonel, I get something up my sleeve.” So he launched a 1487 action through our Arizona Attorney General. That said, a lower echelon of state government is not complying. We want you, Attorney General Brnovich, to do this action, to agree with us the Senate, and that decision will be made the 20th of August, and if he agrees with us that they were not in compliance. It can’t be appealed in court for some capricious judge to overrule. He will go a VFR direct to the Treasurer of the State of Arizona, and say, “doc Maricopa County 10% of its Arizona State Revenue Share”, which is 61 plus million dollars.

You might have started hearing about me when US Attorney General Merrick Garland, said he wanted to get involved. And I had some edgy rhetoric on Twitter. That’s Arizona, excuse me, federal government, You’re over here. This is our audit. Who gives the state legislatures plenary power? the United States Constitution. Thats who gives us our power.

Senator Rogers ignited the crowd with a message of hope for elections that we can trust and public servants who truly serve.

Arizona is currently leading the nation in public service and election integrity.

Recently, Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli invoked Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate Maricopa County’s noncompliance with the Arizona audit.

Senator Rogers is currently traveling the United States to fight for election integrity and spread the good news of Arizona, as we await the coming audit report, and county compliance.

Rogers has started a petition to decertify the 2020 election after the discrepancies reported in Arizona and the obvious election fraud coup between the Democrats, the Biden Administration, and the media.

Sign up here.

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