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President Trump At Texas-Mexico Border – Interview With Christina Bobb: BAD Elections + No Borders = NO COUNTRY

  President Donald Trump visited the Texas Department of Public Safety in Weslaco, Texas with Governor Greg Abbott and several others. After...


President Donald Trump visited the Texas Department of Public Safety in Weslaco, Texas with Governor Greg Abbott and several others.

After a tour, President Trump and Governor Abbott received a roundtable briefing on Biden’s destruction of the border and the deadly fentanyl and human trafficking crisis.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has confiscated enough fentanyl to kill everybody in Texas.

OAN’s Christina Bobb had an amazing interview with President Trump.

Bobb: Under your administration you had the PACR/HARP, MPP, the remain in Mexico program. Several policies in place that drastically curbed the border crisis. What’s your reaction to completely wiping them out and what you’re seeing here under the Biden administration?

President Trump: Well they just opened up the whole country to prisoners and murderers and criminals of all kind human traffickers, drug dealers. It’s incredible what’s happened, people are just walking into our country and our country can never be the same. We have well over a million people have poured in already, don’t forget when they say four or five or 600,000. That’s just the people they know, you can multiply that number, times five or six, because people most people don’t get caught, they come in through a border. Thank goodness I built almost 500 miles of wall and the wall has really helped, but they should have finished the wall they could have done it in two months it was supposed to be finished and it would have been really hard to come in, but they decided to stop it. So, they should be ashamed of themselves actually,

Bobb: And I know a lot of Americans watch this and see this and are concerned about it and are scared for what’s happening on our border is it fixable or what do you see happening is is there a way to solve this problem.

President Trump: Well I just told the governor and I just told a lot of the sheriffs that I see people on television and they’re saying like, Oh, we should just immediately go back to the Trump policies. It’s not that easy. I had to stay in Mexico I made an incredible deal with Mexico, I don’t know if you can make those deals again. I had, I mean you can if you know exactly what you’re doing but the deals we had with Honduras and El Salvador and if you, you take a look at some of the other countries you could go 567 countries that are pouring into they’re coming in from the Middle East to, and I had arrangements with everybody we were taking them out so fast, your head would spin, and now they can’t even bring them back, they can bring them to Guatemala and Honduras, and El Salvador, they won’t take them, and with me they took them because I stopped paying them you know we paid them $500 million here for whatever reason. And I stopped payment. And all of a sudden they started taking back their criminals. So we have a big problem because the jails are being opened up and the people from the jails are pouring into our country, which of course makes a lot of sense if you’re running those countries can’t blame them, they were stupid enough to allow it. So we have people coming in hardened criminals, murderers and they’re pouring into our country.

Instead of kicking intruders to the curb and prioritizing national security as President Trump did, Joe Biden is forcing taxpayers to pay for illegal migrant safe houses.

These illegal immigrants are trespassing on American soil.

America’s lax voter ID laws and our deadly illegal immigration crisis are simply more reasons to conduct full forensic audits of every single county in America.

If you don’t have great elections, and if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” – President Donald J. Trump

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