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Louisiana Democrat Governor Vetoes Bills Protecting Individual Freedoms – Now the Legislature Must Meet Again – Individual Rights at Stake

  Louisiana implemented an election bill but Democrat Governor Edwards vetoed other bills that can be overcome by a special session  of the ...


Louisiana implemented an election bill but Democrat Governor Edwards vetoed other bills that can be overcome by a special session of the Louisiana legislature in July. 

We received this letter from a reader today concerning events in Louisiana:

Because of its bold public scrutiny of the major issues facing Louisiana, The Gateway Pundit was highly instrumental in the successful final passage of several critical items of legislation that greatly benefit the citizens of Louisiana.

One bill that we wrote about was the election bill.

Yesterday a new bill was signed by the governor moving Louisiana to a paper-based system.  All Americans want are free and fair elections:

Governor Edwards signs legislation that will begin the process of shifting Louisiana from an electronic voting system to a paper-based system. Under a paper system, voters will receive a paper ballot that they can look at to make sure their vote was tabulated correctly, and that can be later audited by hand should the need arise.

Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt said her bill will further strengthen the integrity of our elections.

“What is great about a paper-based system is that it is auditable, it is secure, and it is significantly cheaper than our 30-year-old outdated machines,” said Hewitt. “With an electronic system you push a button to cast a vote and that is it, so there is no way at the end to audit the result.”

The state is currently in search of new voting machines but Hewitt said this bill directs the Secretary of State to wait until we know exactly what we’re looking for to move ahead.

But unfortunately, the Democrat governor in Louisiana vetoed some good bills.  Per our reader, these were:

The successful legislation includes bills that prohibit massive and unconstitutional intrusion into individual liberty (House  Bills 349 and 498 prohibiting government discrimination against citizens who do not undergo the Covid vaccine); prohibit the imposition of civil liability on private employers who refuse to require their employees to get the Covid vaccine (House Bill 103); and protect the integrity of female sports by prohibiting biological males from participating in female sports (Senate Bill 156).

Our reader added that these bills had veto-proof margins and the legislature now needs to meet again to overcome the governor’s vetoes:

Fortunately, the referenced bills passed by veto-proof margins in both the Louisiana House and Senate, and there is now a massive push among Louisiana voters throughout the state for a special veto session to override the Governor’s reprehensible veto of these bills.  The only issue is whether the conservative leadership in the State House and Senate have the courage and the will to aggressively pursue a veto session, and coordinate the votes to override the Governor’s veto pen.  All eyes are on Republican Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder, and Republican Senate President Page Cortez.  These men have the power and the ability to ensure not only that an active veto session is held beginning on July 20, but that both Houses actually vote to override these vetoes.

The good people of Louisiana must stand up again and ask their Republican leaders to meet in July and quickly vote to overcome the Democrat governor’s vetoes of bills that protect individual rights. 

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