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FANTASTIC! Tucker Carlson Covers the Election Fraud in Fulton County Georgia 8 Months After Election — Here Are the Background Reports

  There is no greater issue today in the United States   than the November 3rd election   fraud. Without free and fair democratic elections ...

 There is no greater issue today in the United States than the November 3rd election fraud.

Without free and fair democratic elections the United States will cease to exist.

On Wednesday night FOX News host Tucker Carlson reported on several questionable activities that took place in Fulton County Georgia since the November 3rd presidential election.

It was a great segment. It was really good.

We don’t do this very often but we wanted to go through these revelations one-by-one discussed by Tucker Carlson on his show tonight.

1.) That the doors were left open on the Fulton County Georgia ballot storage facility while guards were away.

** May 31, 2021– “Fulton County Georgia Ballot Storage Facility Was Left Open for Hours – Attorney’s Own Hired Staff Discovered the Place Wide Open”

2.) That a Fulton County election official — identified by The Gateway Pundit as Ruby Freeman — was feeding stacks of ballots through the voting machines at least three times each on November 4th in the early morning after the GOP election observers were told to go home.

** Dec. 4, 2020– Anti-Trump Democrat In Georgia ‘Suitcase Scandal’ Caught Running Same Batch of Ballots Through Tabulator THREE TIMES! (VIDEO)

3.) That Garland Favorito’s organization VoterGA found several thousand fraudulent votes for Joe Biden and Fulton County Georgia recount included a 60% error in its reporting.

July 13, 2021— VoterGA Releases Explosive New Report: Fulton County Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes

4.) Identical computer copies of ballots counted numerous times in Fulton County

May 14, 2021– Hard Evidence Presented: Duplicate Ballots were Counted in Fulton County Georgia in 2020 Election

5.) Pristine and unfolded ballots were counted 100% for Joe Biden in the Fulton County recount.

November 18, 2020– Several Georgia Recount Monitors Describe ‘Odd Batches of Ballots’ That Stood Out – Pristine Sheets with Perfectly Marked Bubbles – 100% For Joe Biden

We are glad that Tucker Carlson joined us in investigating the fraud of the 2020 presidential election tonight.

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