Frustrated Black Police Officer Defends Law Enforcement In Emotional Viral Video

 A Georgia police officer’s emotional video defending law enforcement and blasting those spewing divisive rhetoric went viral earlier this week.

Major Kelvin Dingle, who serves as operation commander at the Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Public Safety in Atlanta, taped himself in his vehicle decrying the anti-police sentiment sweeping the nation.

“I’m tired. I am so goddamn tired,” the officer opens the video. “I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing that there’s a possibility I won’t come home.”

“I am tired of every time I wake up in the morning, there’s someone else polarizing the fact that maybe law enforcement is just not a good thing,” he continued. “All of us are not bad. I am not as they are. Most of us are not. There are bad people in every career. I am so goddamn tired! Tired! Tired!”

“I give everything. I give everything,” Dingle signed off. “I am tired.”

In a mere five days, the video has amassed more than 2 million views.

The video even grabbed the attention of “Fox & Friends,” where he was interviewed Tuesday.

“It seems like every night we go to sleep or every morning we wake up, there’s something negative that’s portrayed about law enforcement,” Dingle told the show, Fox News reported. “I was riding home and I was thinking in regards to everything and now it’s just different. I’m driving next to people and people are just frowning at me. People are purposely doing things to get my attention. They’re flipping me off.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” the officer continued. “It is what it is. Some people make bad decisions. But the majority of us that put this badge on every day, the majority of us want to protect and serve …. We’re generally good-hearted people that want to make a difference … And that day, I just, honestly, had enough. My heart was broken because of the things that I saw in just traveling home to my family, and it wasn’t always that way.”

A Latino officer was recently berated by black woman for working in law enforcement, video shows:

A woman who claimed she was a teacher, driving a white Mercedes-Benz, got stopped by a Latino Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Deputy for using her cell phone while she was driving, then launched into a tirade in which she repeatedly accused him of being a “murderer,” then concluded, “Mexican racist. You’re always gonna be a Mexican. You’ll never be white, you know that, right?”

“That is more common than you all can imagine,” Dingle reacted to the video. “It has to stop. It really does.”

“The truth of the matter is, we have two sides and two sides need to be heard,” he added. “But people need to listen — not to respond — but listen to understand. That’s the difference… if you can do that, I promise you there’s a solution out there. We just have to communicate in which to find it.”


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