Maskless man coughs on customer at 7-Eleven in Miami Beach

 A customer at a convenience store in Miami Beach who refused to wear a mask coughed on another customer after being told by employees that he needed to wear a mask inside the store.

The mask mandate is still in effect at Miami-Dade businesses, and the 7-Eleven at 1449 Alton Road made it very clear with five signs on their windows enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing. But one customer was caught on cellphone video completely disregarding the mask mandate Monday afternoon.

Employees at the 7-Eleven told the maskless man he needed to leave and that they were calling the police. But before heading for the door, the man decided to give a resident recording him flouting the mask mandate a parting slap.

Moments earlier, he was caught on camera coughing on him.

“You want me to cough on you? ‘Cause that’s the next thing. Since I got COVID, right? ‘Cause I got COVID, right?” he said to the resident before coughing on him.

The man’s female companion, who was also maskless, claimed masks weren’t required despite several signs on the front door saying otherwise.

Then the man punched the candy buyer’s arm, causing him to drop his phone.

The Miami Beach resident couldn’t believe the latest wild video of someone refusing to wear a mask happened right in front of him.

“I am now this viral video, you know, just because I went to the store to get some candy. That’s how crazy some people are, and again, there’s no need for any of this,” said the man who recorded the incident and didn’t want to be identified.

The irony is the man who hopped into the Buick Enclave with Massachusetts tags threatened to call the police. Now Miami Beach Police are looking for him.

“One of the reasons I wanted to bring this to the news was really to educate people that this type of behavior, you know, is kind of crazy, and it’s dangerous,” the man said. “I mean it’s pretty simple, if it says you need to wear a mask and you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go in.”

Miami Beach Police have a report on the maskless man, and they will charge him with simple battery once they identify him.

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