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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s Ex Claims He Began Affair with Dead Brother Beau’s Wife Hallie Before His Brother Died!

  In a report out tonight from FOX News on Hunter Biden, Hunter declares in his upcoming book that he – began a relationship with his late b...


In a report out tonight from FOX News on Hunter Biden, Hunter declares in his upcoming book that he – began a relationship with his late brother’s widow when she was at her ‘neediest,’ he at his ‘lowest’.  What he doesn’t share is that this relationship reportedly occurred when his brother was still alive and sick with cancer. 

FOX News reported today on Hunter’s upcoming book.  We should have known it was fiction.  FOX reports:

In Hunter Biden’s forthcoming tell-all book, the president’s son describes how his relationship with his late brother’s widow had been borne out of desperation.

After the funeral of his brother Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, Hunter said he’d began spending a lot of time at the home of Hallie Biden, to help with the kids in Beau’s absence. He said he slept most nights on a Murphy bed in the den and took the kids to school in the morning.

But it wasn’t until Hunter finished a stint at Grace Grove rehab center in Sedona, Arizona that he and Hallie began a relationship, according to Hunter.

“Feeling physically and mentally purged, I phoned Hallie and asked if she would come to Arizona to pick me up. I wanted her to accompany me on the trip back,” Hunter wrote in “Beautiful Things.” ” I didn’t trust myself to make it home without backsliding — without taking a detour into the pit I fell into on my way there.”

“She flew out the next day. I was at my lowest, she was at her neediest, and we clung to each other with abandon. We talked at length about how much we had come to rely on each other, how our health and well-being seemed dependent on the love we’d grown to share,” he continued.

“There’s no question about the unseen force in the middle of it all: Beau,” Hunter wrote, adding that they’d come to think they could keep Beau alive by being together, “that by loving each other we somehow could love him back into existence.”

“By the time we returned to Delaware at the end of the week, we were no longer just two people bound by shared grief. We were a couple,” the president’s son said.

But like everything with the Bidens, it appears this too was a lie.  A BIG LIE.

According to text messages found on Hunter’s laptop, Hunter was engaged in an affair with his dead brother’s wife before his brother died!

In a long text message Hunter wrote to his child, he shares the story.  Hunters begins by sharing his thoughts about his father’s actions related to the family sounding a bit like the mafia:

Next, as highlighted below, Hunter shares about his ex-wife, his child’s mother, making statements that he: “had an affair with his sister in law while beau was alive”.  (Beau was his brother who died from cancer.)

Finally, Hunter concludes in his text to his child:

As usual, Hunter plays the victim while creating a tornado in everybody’s lives around him.  Now he’s impacting the country with his selfishness and insanity.

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