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What Rubbish! 60 Minutes Runs Fluff Piece on Crooked Soros-Funded St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner — Ignores Her Failed Record and Dangerous Policies (VIDEO)

  CBS News and “60 Minutes” ran a fluff piece on St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Gardner and “60 Minutes” ran a complete fantasy on ...


CBS News and “60 Minutes” ran a fluff piece on St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

Gardner and “60 Minutes” ran a complete fantasy on Gardner who has seen murders and violent crime soar under her watch. What is worse is Gardner’s record of releasing killers and drug dealers and harassing the innocent, like the McCloskeys in St. Louis City.

Local FOX 2 ran a piece on the “60 Minutes” segment today.
CBS painted Gardner as some kind of victim of racism and hate when just the opposite is true.

CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker spoke with Gardner and Jeff Roorda, a spokesman for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, about the rocky relationship between the city’s top prosecutor and local law enforcement.

Gardner, who was first elected in 2016 and later re-elected in 2020, said she was overwhelmingly voted into office to reform things, by dismantling and rebuilding the system.

“We as law enforcement have to hear the cries for help in the community and deliver,” she said. “And that’s why I’m not gonna back down. That’s why I’m not gonna kiss the ring of the status quo to keep it a certain way.”

Kim Gardner may be the most radical Soros-funded Circuit Attorney in the nation today.

“60 Minutes” forgot to mention this.
Her record speaks for itself.

Kim Gardner is so intolerable that two dozen attorneys and more than one-third of the trial lawyers left the office when she was hired. And this is a Democrat dominated office!

In August 2018 Kim Gardner announced her attorneys will no longer accept cases from 28 different St. Louis City police officers. Gardner called it her “exclusion list.”
Gardner did not tell the officers what they did to get on her list but they were being censored.
Gardner refused to charge a drug dealer who was found with 1,000 opiate pills and 30,000 in cash because she didn’t like the cop involved.

And Gardner refused to charge the killer of a 7-year-old child despite a suspect’s confession.
Kim Gardner dropped the case against a suspect who shot another man in a traffic dispute in broad daylight.
Kim Gardner released all rioters and looters from jail without charges in the recent St. Louis Black Lives Matter riots.

Kim Gardner was even caught on video lying about being harassed during a traffic stop!

Kim Gardner withheld evidence in the hoax attack on Governor Eric Greitens that got him removed from office.
And Kim Gardner was removed from the McCloskey case after she was caught fundraising off the incident!
But Kim Gardner is the real victim here?

“60 Minutes” also forgot to mention that the murder rate in St. Louis City hit a 50-year high in 2020.

This fluff piece on Kim Gardner by “60 Minutes” is a textbook example of fake news.

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