Governor Cuomo Is Counting on Slow Joe Biden to Cover For Him in Historic COVID Nursing Home Scandal


The news reported tonight by the New York Post is clear evidence that Governor Andrew Cuomo is guilty of obstructing justice and should be charged, convicted and jailed. He lied about his responsibility for the deaths of more than 15,000 senior citizens in New York State.

Governor Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them “we froze” out of fear the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, The Post has learned.

The stunning admission of a cover-up was made by Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because “right around the same time, [then-President Donald Trump] turns this into a giant political football,” according to an audio recording of the two-hour-plus meeting.

Putting infected COVID patients into nursing homes and senior centers was a prescription for killing the vulnerable. Andrew Cuomo is responsible for this and now we know he deliberately lied about it for fear that his regime would be prosecuted.

Now he is counting on Slow Joe Biden to cover for him and look the other way. But even Democrat legislators are pissed:

Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) immediately rejected DeRosa’s expression of remorse, according to the recording.

“I don’t have enough time today to explain all the reasons why I don’t give that any credit at all,” said Gottfried, one of the lawmakers who demanded the death-toll data in August.

State Senate Aging Committee Chairwoman Rachel May (D-Syracuse) — who was battered during her re-election bid last year over the issue of nursing-home deaths — also ripped into DeRosa, saying her former opponent had launched another broadside earlier in the day.

“And the issue for me, the biggest issue of all is feeling like I needed to defend — or at least not attack — an administration that was appearing to be covering something up,” she said.

“And in a, in a pandemic, when you want the public to trust the public-health officials, and there is this clear feeling that they’re not coming, being forthcoming with you, that is really hard and it remains difficult.”

When I was at the CIA we called this “No Shit Analysis.” This will certainly put a damper on Cuomo’s Presidential aspirations. Killing people’s elderly Moms and Dads is not a recommended political gambit. The stupidity and arrogance of Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s aide, illustrates the audacity of these criminals. And to think they tried to blame Donald Trump for their own actions. If this ain’t evil then I don’t know the meaning of the word.

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