Triggered Teacher Threatens To Eject High School Teen From Virtual Class After Seeing Student's Trump Flag

 Thanks mostly to Democrats’ insistence on locking down the country in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, parents and students across the nation who have been forced to take part in virtual classes from home are dealing with a number of challenges that comes with the new territory.

One of those challenges — which shouldn’t even be a remote concern — is reactions by triggered, Trump Derangement Syndrome-inflicted teachers who take drastic actions against their students who choose to display their support for President Donald Trump within the confines of their own home.

While there have been many of those instances lately, the latest one, according to Fox News, happened to a New Jersey high school student who was ordered to take down a “Trump 2020” flag or be denied his right to education that day.

Anthony Ribeiro, a 17-year-old student taking classes from home for Toms River North High School, experienced recently what it’s like to lose the opportunity to learn just because he happens to support the 45th president.

The Trump-supporting teen described what happened after a teacher had an outburst over the Trump banner hanging in the background.

“He said, ‘Anthony take the sign down right now’ and I looked up, seeing class hasn’t started yet,” the teen told a local NBC news affiliate. “I was on my phone. I looked up at him and kind of just looked back down like I didn’t hear him.”

Ribeiro explained that the teacher doubled down on his demand to take down the Trump 2020 banner with a threat to kick him from the class if he refused to comply. At that point, the teen made the decision to exit the class.

“I waved goodbye, and I was gone,” Ribeiro said.

Ribeiro’s mother, Tara Jost, was not happy with the outcome of the situation, saying she was “shocked” that the teacher would take the issue to such an extreme level.

“My son takes his academics very seriously, and for this teacher to kick him out of learning that day for something that was in my home…I don’t think he should’ve been kicked out of class for that,” Jost said.

In addition, it appears as though the teacher didn’t make the demand or threat based on any current guidance issued by the school or the school district. Officials from the the district explained that the student “was not in violation of any general code of conduct or any policy specifically related to virtual learning.”

In other words, we all know who that teacher is voting for — and you can safely bet that it’s not President Trump.

But we shouldn’t be too surprised at the teacher’s ridiculous actions at this point. The teacher followed the classic liberal playbook on how to respond to triggering situations by immediately deploying a “cancel” tactic. But this time, instead of a monument or statue, it was a 17-year-old student who was canceled from his class, simply for not being afraid to express his political ideology.

At this point, we can only hope that the teacher will offer a full apology and be appropriately disciplined.

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